Where the Wind Blows.

The representation of this title leads me to tell you just that… wherever the wind blows me. I documentation of this weekends events, my life in its present state, the cleaning saga in which I spend time trying to figure out how to live alone, and the latest of my video game fascinations.

At the present moment I have finally been dabbling into Bioshock. I know this sounds extremely pathetic and quite childish, but the beginning of the game freaked me out so much that upon moving 6 hours away from my closest friend or relation, I was way to afraid to play it. I didn’t want to freak myself out. & that I guarantee you, I would have done. Soo, until becoming much familiar with my present place of residence I have not been playing video games that freak me out, only ones that are  toned down, and I am very familiar with. This means, Dead Space, definitely on a back burner, as well as Left 4 Dead 2 and Bioshock. That was until recently with Bioshock. I have been enjoying it immensely lately. So much in fact that I have come to cursing severely when I can’t figure out what to do next or I am killed by one of those stupid people down in rapture. The story between the sisters and Mr. Bubbles is keeping me in suspense and I am refusing to look up any information on the internet, because I like the waiting to find out.

Also, I am now reading the book Smashed

which is about a girl who becomes an extreme alcoholic at the age of 14. Its an odd read for me to choose, but I picked it because I am continually interested in peeking into the world of troubled people, and I don’t really understand what it means to have to drink alcohol. I don’t know the feeling of being dependent on something so fully that you can’t go a day without obtaining it. And because of that I am reading this book. Unfortunately it is taking me a lot longer time to read books these days because I have become an extreme work-a-holic.

I try to separate myself at the end of the day, but it is becoming increasingly hard.My work completely surrounds me. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to find some balance.

The last thing I would like to bring up at this present time is my struggles to clean all of those random things that you don’t normal think about in your place of residence. Today I struggled to clean the gas stove and I do believe it went well, but it was quite a disaster. I had things everywhere and after I cleaned the stove I had to clean the rest of the kitchen because I made a complete mess. Then I tackled the blinds and ended up soaking them in the bathtub. They were nasty dirty. I’m probably going to have to do it at least two more times before they look the right color. The water was black by the time I drained it. Thank-god I haven’t lived here long because that would be terrible. Knowing that I have been breathing that in. ugh. My spring cleaning will probably be going on for the next few months. We’ll see how it goes…

Besides that, I’m always on the run. More soon.


Uncharted 2–> Among Theives Sequel

The only game that I have ever played that is made solely for PS3 would be Uncharted. I do not have a PS3 and I a huge fan of the Xbox and this is where my loyalties lie. This does not me that I won’t play games on the PS3 this just means that all of my gaming friends have only a Xbox 360 as well and I am not in a PS3 enviorment very often. My friend Pete, a good college friend was a huge fan of the PS3 and so we would have gaming parties at his house, although the gaming parties at my apartment were always better. haha.

One of the times I went to visit he introduced me to uncharted. This was shortly after its release date and he had a big computer project to work on. Since I was the only one over and it is a single player game, he let me play it. I almost beat the entire game that night, and I had great fun with it. I have previously talked about uncharted and how it is basically Indiana Jones in the name of Nathan Drake.

Now that the sequel is under six months away, we can start the countdown for Uncharted 2: Among Theives. Unfortunately I will not have the oppurtunity to play this game at its release date because I will be getting the shit kicked out of me in naval OCS, but I will be looking forward to stealing somebodies PS3 for a little bout of fun with it on my first break. If you don’t know anything about the first one and are not interested fine, but first have a look at the trailer for the second one. You’ll love it.

Also as a bonus I have an interview done by Nolan North on his Playstation.com website in which he talks with Emily Rose and Claudia Black, the voices of Elena Fisher and Chloe Frazier, the two main women in Uncharted two. I am extremely surprised by how much they look like their characters and I enjoyed this interview very much.

Left 4 Dead 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2 Same Day Release.

For all to the Left 4 Dead fans, it will be a great day on November 17th when the sequel is released in stores everywhere and you can jump right back into the zombie killing action. Yeeha! And for all the medieval fans [or should I say people who wish to find out medieval things by tapping into other DNA] out there that are interested in real game interaction Assassin’s Creed 2 will be released that day. So, there will be fun for everyone everywhere. You better run out and pre order a copy of your choice now so when its released you can jump right into the action.

Assassin’s Creed 2 will hopefully be better then ever and there is a huge expectancy surrounding this game. We were in love with the interaction that Assassin’s Creed had to offer, like doing things out of the ordinary attracted the normal passeby’s attention and you couldn’t just go crazy out there, you had to act cool or people would wander about you and stand down under a building as you walked across the roof saying O my what is that man doing up there?!?

I will always remember the era that surrounded its first release and the excitement as I watched videos about it online. Now, there is another buildup as the time ticks down to the sequel. All we can hope is that its not nearly as repetitive as the first one and that after working their way through the first one they can bring back a second one bigger and better than ever. Altaïr Ibn you are bad ass, and I enjoy playing you. Love the sword. This is a game to be excited over.

And of course we can’t forget about Left 4 Dead.

Thanks to Machinima who makes some of the best video game videos ever, I can supply you with a Left 4 Dead 2 Trailer. If you aren’t excited about the game, you will be now.

Just one Question… IS THAT TYRA BANKS AS A ZOMBIE??!??? Because I’m willing to bet that it is and she totally takes a head shot. hahaha.

Enjoy the trailers and get pumped for the games!

Video Games. Alllll Night Looooong.

I just absolutely positively love when I can get together with friends, relax, and play a full night of vigorous video games for many many hours, so that I may one more time realize why not having xbox live saves my life. I can’t believe how absolutely obsessed I am with video games. It has to be this recent insurgence and the new group of video game friends that I now enjoy games with, that has sparked my otherwise hidden passion.


Playing halo for 4 hours on back to back, paired for the kill teams with crazy kill action, has me psyced for the game. Last night we were playing team scenerios 3 guys, 1 girl <—ME. These guys are awesome and they are VERY good, which frustrates me a little but not much, because everyone is a good sport. We always play 1st and last, 2nd and 3rd. This means I always get to play with 1st place. woo. Actually I was holding my own, it was just at a lower level than everyone else. haha.

After our loonng halo kick ended, we played a vigorous round of left 4 dead in which everyone kept trying to hump me as the boomber when we were zombies. gosh. get off. ha. Now, one thing you know is that in halo there is a very high possibility when you die that you might be tea bagged. During left 4 dead I donot expect for this sort of thing to happen since its humans and zombies, not the same thing at all. I am unhappy to announce that I totally got tea bagged by my oponent Francis last night and I was totally appalled by it. gosh. I was the boomer. ewwwww. But I’m a free spirit, I can take it.

So in the end, my night was blissful, it was completely involved, and I loved every second of it. Remind me again why I don’t have nights like this every night. O yeah… reality. Can’t let that get the best of you.

Confessions of a Writer<3

Top Ten Fav Gamer Girl Characters.

Are you loving sexy bad ass females in video games? Don’t they look freaking hott?!? I know they do. Here are my ten fav female gamers. Love them all!

Note: Of course there might be many more bad ass females out there but these are the one’s I have personal experience with. You just can’t include them all in only 10 spots.

Shout Out: Anya Stroud- Gears of War


I couldn’t possibly leave out one of my favorite games… Gears of War. They do not have any women players for the co op and they don’t have any female bad asses in the game play but this game goes in depth with the story, so we are able to catch glimpses about Dom and Marcus’s wives. Anya Stroud is a First Lieutenant in the Coalition of Ordered Governments and she is the Delta Squads main control contact. She’s not nearly as hyped as Cortona in Halo so she didn’t make the top ten, but she at least deserved an honorable mention for her efforts.

10. Elena Fisher- Uncharted


Unfortunately Uncharted was a game personally made for the PS3. But this is quite an awesome game and one that I enjoyed immensely when I had the chance to play it. If you like Indiana Jones you will absolutely love this game. Elena can be compared with Laura Croft but she is not the main character in this game. Although, she is extremely bad ass and definitely an awesome character in this game.

9. Lightning- Final Fantasy XIII


Rumor has it that the up and coming Final Fantasy XIII will be including this bad ass super chick named Lightning. Since there is only speculation now as to her role in the game not very much is known. What they do seem to think is that this is a code name that she goes by. I guess you’ll have to find out more about her by playing the game. Since I have never played any of the final fantasy I’m going to pass. I just think she looks pretty freaking sweet.

8. Zoey- Left 4 Dead


Yep, there’s only four survivors left, everyone else has turned into a creepy crawly zombie. What are you to do? Well, of course there has to be one girl with the group how else are they going to bring things back to normal after this whole zombie situation dies down? Zoey might be a girl, but she is required to keep up with the rest of the group as they make their way through the zombie infested streets to the exit so they can get the hell out of there. As long as nobody segregates her from the group she’ll stop tongue guy from snatching the others away. Extremely bad ass.

7. Selket- Unreal Championship 2


Selket is a member of the jehar family. She is an empress and everything else has completely left her thoughts except winning the unreal tournament challenge. Anubis, her cousin who has a good chance at bringing in the gold, is her enemy. She wants nothing more than the title and power that comes from the blood shed. For someone who wants death that bad, she makes a very real opponent. Underestimating this woman’s powers whould just be foolish.

6. Alyx Vance- Half Life 2


Alyx is portrayed as a young woman in her mid-twenties, and is a prominent figure in the human resistance against the rule of the alien race called the Combine and their human representative, Dr. Breen. She is a close friend and ally of Gordon Freeman and is considered to be the primary heroine of the series. A worthy side kick, that’s for sure. Anyone who’s willing to kick alien butt for a living must either be crazy or just plain good.

5. Lauren- Unreal Championship

img_2038I Know I know, it was the best I could do.

A former grand tournament champion, Lauren took her life after her boyfriend and teammateBrock died. The Liandri could not afford to lose two popular competitors at once, so they resurrected her with the horrific — and horrifically expensive –Necris Process. One side effect: Lauren is only marginally sane. She does her best to share her demented grief with others. This means you better get out of this undead women’s way, she’s got a lot of pain pent up and she wants to let it out with the two red swords she carries. Back in the day, my sister and I used to play this game all the time together and this was her favorite character, just thought I’d mention that. Lauren takes bad ass to new heights.

4. Ada Wong & Jill Valentine



Ada Wong was a red-clad, cunning and formidable secret agent of Chinese heritage with a mysterious past. Initially a private agent, Ada was drawn into the intrigue and treachery that is the corporate world when she was recruited by The Agency to participate in their activities against their primary rival, the Umbrella Coorporation.

Jill Valentine was brought from the video game to the big time movies,  and is a player friendly character. She is very competent and quite bad ass. I mean come on she fights in a tube top and short skirt. If you can kill some T virus infected humans with that, you are good to go. If you are not familiar with the resident evil series play as her in the beginning, you will be given more ammo, a grenade launcher, and a lock pick.

3. Cortona- Halo 3


One of the biggest virtual fantasies of all time. Halo’s Cortona is a huge icon in the halo series and the way they incooporated her into halo 3 was ingenius. No you can not play her, but she is a virtual wet dream. Everyone wants to score with her and although she doesn’t fight she can screw with your mind. Wearing nothing but a suit of mishappen purple lines, all of her curves show and she is in charge of leading the master cheif to where he needs to go. At the moment she and the master cheif are lost in deep space, I wonder what their doing up there?

2. Laura Croft- Tomb Raider


O my, talk about a bad ass. This is the oppitomy of greatness right here. Laura Croft was the first game that I knew of to have a female character as the lead role. They have already made two successful movies off of this game and how could they not of, they cast Angelina Jolie as the role. Two guns, short shorts, hip holster, big boobs, this waist, it doesn’t get much better than that. So sweet, even the french braid looks bad ass. Love her.

1. Sapphire- Unreal Championship 2


img_2036BAD PITCURE 😦

Sapphire is soft-spoken, intelligent and attractive, and on first glance you’d never guess that she’s a experienced tournament combatant. Her gentle mannerisms hide a vicious streak that comes to the fore every time she walks into an arena. This is my character. This is who I always played as when my sister and I went head to head in Unreal Tournaments. I like her moves, I like the freeze trick that she can do, and the double swords that she yields. She is my number one because I spent a great amount of time playing her, and I just couldn’t stop thinking BAD ASS. O yeah.