I’m Back…

Can I just tell you that I spent 6 days completely shut away from any media, phones, computers, electronic devices [besides my ipod], and I couldn’t have been happier. The only bad thing was that I was itching to check my blog and it was one of the first things I did when I re-entered civilization. I know, total nerd.

Surprisingly I’ve had more hits in this past week then in my blog history. weird. So I took a crap load of photos and spent a very peaceful week in the wilderness doing some of my favorite things. I didn’t even know the time for five days in a row. yess. Although I didn’t take a shower for 7 [which is extremely disgusting] I still would do it again in a heartbeat.

On recap, you can hear all about my trip as I give a day by day account… day by day. go figure.

So, Recap Day 1:

We drove, and we drove, and we drove some more. For 10 hours. It was painful but I had my ipod, my relaxation book (a diary of a japanese doctor who lived through the atomic bomb on Hiroshima), and I got to know 10 people I would be enjoying my spring break trip with. Who were all extremely cool by the way.

When we finally arrived at the savage gulf, we got everything out of the UHAUL and went to set up camp for the night. The real journey would begin in the morning.

Some Amusement along the way:

My friend and I both used back packs from our dads instead of signing one out through the university. We found out this night that our packs both came from the 70’s, Kelty brand, with wire frames. Hilarious. M had an instruction pamphlet and the guy in the pictures was a total hippie. Everyone was laughing and was shocked by our blast from the past style. If that’s not enough, they found it extremely hillarious that our tent was one of those triangle tents from the 70’s as well that M insisted that we bring. Immediately we became known as Team Retro and the jokes just kept on coming.

Examples: “Hey guys, what time does the disco party start?”

“Is that a seat belt that you are using to fasten around your waist?”

Everyone had good humor I must admit very funny stuff.

We set up camp, made dinner, and then we sat around the fire telling stories until everyone one by one slowly went to bed. Overall a good day.

After dinner four of us [there were 12 people in our group] went down to the stream to wash our bowls and dishes. One person noted that the stars looked extremely bright in the night without lights around. We star gazed for a good while pointing out different constellations and such, and then, right in front of our eyes there was a shooting star with was very bright and one of the best ones I’ve ever seen.

When we went to bed, it started raining and the pitter patter of the drops hitting and running down our tent put me right to sleep.

Confessions of a Writer<3

Only a few more days Away. Spring Break!

Its crunch time and I’m even more excited then ever.

Spring break starts Sunday and I have soo much to do. So many things to prepare and so much packing.

The great thing is that my friend has convinced me to buy scrapbooking stuff before our outdoor adventure so that when we get back we’ll be ready to go. We just have to get the pictures developed!!!!

I haven’t made a serious scrapbook in a VERY long time and I can’t wait to scrapbook about my trip. Especially because its going to be tons and tons of fun for the out door adventurer in me.

On a lighter note I had my first triathlon training class last night and it was not all that I had hoped, it was even better! Unfortunately there were not 19 other very hott boys and me, there were actually more girls than boys, but learning about triathloning is really really interesting and it is motivating me to want to make it the 140.6 or 70.3 miles of a triathlon.

140.6- Iron Man

70.3- 1/2 Iron Man

This I feel, is going to be quite a feet away so I’ve got some years before that. Can’t wait though. and I thought I would be satisfied with the marathon. Pfff.

I’ve got a long run tomorrow so I have to prepare for that. Can’t wait for up and coming events!! 🙂

Confessions of a Writer<3


As a senior in college I think its time I do something productive for spring break. I have never been on a spring break, I have always gone home and worked, but this time its different. This is my senior year. I’m living it up! I’m also not going to any beach because the sun kills me. I can not sun bathe for long periods of time and when I do it just makes me miserable. Yep, I totally turn into a lobster. Sooo, I’m heading on down to Georgia and Tenessee where I will be going back packing in a gully. There will also be caving, repelling, and bouldering. Yay!!!

This is SO me and I am SO excited about it. I can’t wait. I’m going with a close friend and we are going with my triatholon training instructor who will be our guide and the leader of the trip. There’s I think 8 of us going so it should be ALOT of fun. He has sent out different e-mails and he said that some of the campsites we’ll be staying at have disc golf courses. I’ve never played disc golf but I LOVE playing Frisbee! Woo. So that should be alot of fun. The only thing I’m worrying about is being able to carry that back pack near and far. It might be a bit of a struggle in the beginning. So, while everyone is down at the beach catching sun, I’ll be sweating in the woods backpacking it through a gully. To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Confessions of a Writer<3