Roaring Along the CountrySide… to Zermatt!

After our Paris Extravaganza and a long restless night due to a girl in the group getting her passport stolen (NEVER wear back packs when transiting the Paris subway system) 3 of us got up the next morning and headed to the train station, we were off to Zermatt! Now one thing I would have never thought of but M did (Thanks!) was to do some extra research ahead of time and hire a shuttle service to pick us up and take us to the train station. It was extremely convenient and WAY cheaper than taking a taxi. It was also a large van so it would have been able to fit 5 people and all of our luggage including skiing equipment if we would have all been traveling together.


We arrived at the train station 45 minutes early, plenty of time to find our train line, get our luggage carried over, a Starbucks latte, and to get settled in. The train came right as scheduled and I checked the track lines every few minutes because I almost missed a train in London once because it switched tracks at the last minute and I almost didn’t notice.

We boarded the train in a complete rush because although we were there very early it only stopped at the station for a few minutes and we had some serious luggage, I had my skii’s for goodness sakes! Then there was the trouble of finding our assigned seats. Again thanks to M we got such a great deal. She called the Euro Train Lines 3 different times and they ended up giving her a great price for the tickets. We were in second class and it only cost us about $130 which normally it would have been nearly $400 when traveling through the Xmas season.

Once we were settled in we were all exhausted! I think each us had only slept for about an hour the whole night. M & E fell asleep right away but I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from the scenery so I stayed up for quite some time enjoying it. The landscape was so lovely and the farmlands were a familiar welcome to my small home town back in the states.

I started filling out my Paris postcards because I send postcards from everywhere I go. I have a pen pal back in the states 😉 and I send about 16 from every country I visit. Finally my eyes started drooping and I just passed out. It was about a 5.5 hour ride from Gar de Leon (Paris Central) station to Tasch where we had a connect on the Glacier Express.

When we arrived at the station we could see a train on the other tracks and the flashing light for Zermatt. We all took off at a spring, skii’s and all. My legs and arms were burning because we had to run down through a tunnel and then up and out the other end. We reached the train just in time not knowing that there would be anohter one just an hour later. haha. It was sweat and tears that got us there but we settled in easily. We sat by a Japanese man and I told him I live in Japan. He was extremely surprised! We talked about the food and where he was from in Osaka. He gave us charms from his town. He told us he has traveled the world to go skiing and loves Zermatt very much. It just fed to our anticipation.

As our train climbed steeply up the mountain none of us slept on this ride. It was only about an hour and a half to Zermatt Central station and we were all eyes the entire ride. I actually felt like I was on the Polar Express chugging up into the hills. The tracks passed dangerously close to huge ice drop offs and it was some of the most beautiful winter landscapes I have ever seen. I felt like a little kid. I smiled so big the whole way up!

Randa was a small small small town 2 stops away from the main station and that was where we would be staying. We took the train all the way to Zermatt because we wanted to buy some groceries for dinner and we didn’t even know where to go in Randa. At the main station I was so excited. They actually had horse and buggies waiting to take people to some of the hotels. The main street of Zermatt is so quaint. It was just perfect. Everything I could have dreamed up and more. I came pretty close to just lying down right there and thanking the lord with a look of stupor on my face. It was truly gorgeous.

We bought some groceries and a week ticket to ride the train from Randa to Zermatt unlimited, that only cost about 68 Francs, not bad for a 10 day pass. Once we got to Randa we had no idea how to get to our apartment so we stopped at the first place we saw to ask. Of course everyone knows everyone so the person at that place called the woman from the place we were going to and they came down and picked us and our stuff up in a car. This we were very thankful for. The place we were staying in was quaint and perfect. It had a fire place for us to make a fire in nightly, which of course we did. It even had a loft to sleep in. LOVE.

They left us bottles of wine and some candy bars which we of course scarfed down because we were starving. We decided to go to Zermatt to have dinner so we got dressed up and jumped on the train which goes through the station hourly and took it back to Zermatt Central. We found a restaurant just a few feet away from the station and decided it looked delicious so we went in and took a seat. I immediately tried the Switzerland pale ale, it was delicious. We ordered meat and potato dishes and it was just what we needed to warm our cold and stiff bodies. The more we ate, the more we drank, the more we drank, the happy we got. It was a grand night.

After dinner we walked up the street and checked out what all there was. We also did a little after hours window shopping in preparation for the shopping we would be able do throughout the week. After a couple more drinks and a lively bunch at one of the bars up the road we headed back to Randa so we could collapse into our beds. There was much to do and we needed some rest. Just wait for our next adventure!


Ska ska ska– SKIING.

What an absolutely glorious weekend I had in the past two days.  There are so many times that I wish I could freeze capture instances in my life so that when I’m in a more upsetting place in the world, I can replay the best times over and over again like a loop reel on repeat.

On Saturday morning, I was up and so excited that I couldn’t even sit still. We were going Skiing, I was going to be on the slopes in a little over 5 hours, and I was going to have that feeling… the one with the quiet serene of the mountain calling to you as you feel you are separated from the rest of the world.

We were heading to Snowshoe WV, and as it so happens it was quite peaceful since AT&T was really the only carrier that worked within 2 hours of the area and everyone in my group had verizon wireless. I’m even more excited to be able to get rid of my phone for a few days and really just not worry about anything or anybody except who I’m with and the mountain.

When we arrived, the adrenaline and anticipation of the first run was emanating off of me and I was really focused on making it happen. We changed quickly, and I got all of my gear on and ready, I even wore my boots up the mountain.

We parked on the top of the world, or so said the sign, and we beeline for the first access to the trails. The first run was as magnificent as I had anticipated and so were the 20 runs after that. The powder was perfect, better than powder on the East coast in the past 2 years.

On day 2 when we got to the top of the mountain and started, we took a black diamond to the bottom. The day before, fog had settled down on the mountain and it was hard to see past the tree line. Now, this morning, during the first run of the day and the fog completely clearing before our eyes, the view became complete breath taking. I was in such a state of wonder tears were coming down my face and I had no idea how they go there. We spent all morning with the same wonderment stopping to take pictures at every opportunity. I had packed a lunch, and we sat and ate outside of the boat house right on the frozen lake. The conditions were perfect, the sun was shining, it was warm out, and the powder was excellent… it was everything I could have asked for to ski. I loved every second of it.

That evening, when we got back at the hotel, we jumped in the hot tub, relaxed, took a nap, and dressed up quite fancy for dinner. When we arrived for our reservation, we had to wait a few extra minutes so they walked us down the hallway to a study room with a guitar player and a bar, two fireplaces, rocking chairs and couches, and a view overlooking the slopes. I just can’t tell you how perfect it all was. We sat by the fire and drank a glass of wine and then we went and ate dinner, which was excellent as always.

Afterwards, we headed down the road past the village center to the Connection which was a “night club” of sorts and enjoyed a fun night of dancing and of course smoked a little cigar for the momentous occasion.

On Wednesday I leave for a month long underway, it will be a good time to relive the moments I suppose.



The Writing has been on a back burner lately.

Now why, when writing for my blog, which gives me extreme satisfaction and great excitement, have I been unable to in the past few weeks, write to my hearts content? Well there’s a few terrible reasons, that shouldn’t even be justifiable but I’ll tell you them anyway.

I’ve been busy as shit. I mean I can’t find two seconds in a day lately to just write down my thoughts and words let alone write a blog post. This class is taking its toll on me. One day this past week we had class from 0730-2200 with only a one hour break for dinner. I didn’t even get time for lunch! That’s a freaking long day if you ask me. Things are going well so far and the class is only three weeks long so it is done this Friday but it is very aggressive. More so, then what I am used to.

On a later note: I BOUGHT MY VERY FIRST CAR!!!! That’s right me, miss reality, finally has a car in her name, and is stoked about it. What kind of car you ask?? A 2010 Toyota Camry!!! Woo. Not brand new. yeah right. It was leased this whole past year and it only has 14,000 miles on it. Picture:

Okay well, 1. I won’t have tinted windows, and 2. I won’t be driving my car around at resorts like that, but otherwise what I great picture of my very first car. My parents really helped me out with this. Due to the small amount of time I had to look myself, they have been really getting down to it, trying to find me a car. And… luck has prevailed. I will only be home for a week for Xmas starting this Friday, BUT we are going to Wisconsin for Xmas to be with family. That leaves me 3 days. What am I to do?

Thank the lord for them, because they found this baby and at a really good price. I’m very happy.

Last thing on the agenda for the past weekend… Ski Trip to New Hampshire!

While at SWOS we decided this weekend needed to be spiced up with some adventure and we just knew that the perfect adventure would be a ski trip to New Hampshire. So that is where we went and it was AMAZING! It was my first run of the year and all they had open were black diamonds and blue squares that led to black diamonds. It was a blast and I skiied with my skis which I love immensely. Yes, I brought. You have to be prepared for anything right?

The sign that is for an ice arena with a dentist office in the same building. PRICELESS. We turned around so we could get a picture of that one. That was really bad ass and so funny!

WEll, only 5 more days and 2 tests away from finishing this introductory course. I am quite excited to be going home. Woo!!! Maybe then I’ll have much more time, and writing can be a priority again. It better happen!

The Clearance Has Been Granted!!!

It’s official. My tour of the white house this Friday has a green light and I’ve got the in. How awesome. I was nervous because I heard that we might not be able to go since we hadn’t heard back from the guy who will be giving us the tour that we got our clearance. I was really bummed and thought that I would be sitting at the bookstore all day helping angry people buy college textbooks which they already don’t want to buy in the first place. Great. I’ve been dealing with them for ten hours a day this past week. blah blah. My friend told me that the chances of us being able to go now were very small because she hadn’t heard anything and it was Tuesday and we were supposed to be leaving for D.C. on Thursday. EEEKKK.

Happily I got a message on my phone when I was taking a break and it was a very frantic voice mail saying that P had called and he got all of our clearances and we were still going to be able to go.

I was already working extra hours at the bookstore so as soon as I got off I rushed home and M and I reserved a hotel. yay. Now I work all morning on Thursday and then I leave for D.C. immediately after I get off. I’m sooo excited. I’m sure all of the bookstore employees are sick and tired of hearing me talk about it but I can’t help it. I’m getting a tour of the East wing of the white house. Not just everybody can say they’ve done that, in fact I’d say I’m in a very small percentage of the people who have. I can’t wait to find out what its like. oooo. Afterwards were going to the newest Smithsonian because we are huge nerds and greatly enjoy nerdy things. At least M and I, can’t say the same for everyone else. ha.

Right now I have to run three miles and I have five to run tomorrow. Just because I’m going to D.C. doesn’t mean the marathon training program can wait because it can’t. I have to keep up.

P.S. After three months of obsessing over my new ski jacket (the one I knew I was buying but just couldn’t decide on) I have finally made a decision. From the beginning I knew it was going to be a 686. I love 686. I really wanted the smarty maven jacket in truffle by them. Unfortunately I could not find it anywhere. I searched every corner of the internet and I feel like it was discontinued because I could only find certain sizes for sale and the one that I did see was coming from Russia. Wayyyy too far.

I had my heart set on that one and was sort of disappointed so I kept putting it off and putting it off until finally I decided that I had to make a decision. The winter coat I’ve been wearing, I bought in the 9th grade. That is quite a long time ago. So I started looking at the other 686 jackets on the smarty line. They had this one jacket that was called the admiral smarty jacket. I looked at it and at first didn’t really like it but then it started growing on me. The fact that I am in the middle of my naval application really sold me to the idea since the highest rank in the navy is a four star admiral. Alright. I gave in. I bought the jacket. I have been obsessing over it and waiting impatiently for it to arrive since Saturday. Unfortunately the store I bought it from only ships M-F so I have been in even more agony then I could have thought. The only consolation I have is that it will definitely arrive by Thursday so I can hit the slopes ASAP! So Excited.

686-jacket[For some reason the navy one won’t upload so imagine this jacket in all navy no dots. ]

So I must go now but be waiting for an update on Friday or Saturday. EEEE. So Pumped!

Confessions of a Writer<3

First Ski of the Season.

Finally. Hitting the slopes was a main priority this year. I absolutely could not wait to use my new ski’s because I didn’t obtain them until the end of last season and was only able to go once or twice before it got too warm. My friend and I headed up to the resort by my house really early hoping to hit the slopes as soon as they opened. When we arrived the chair lifts were not on and there were no people out and about. Major ut oh. What the heck? I was literally going to die if I didn’t get to ski, I had been looking so forward to it.

We stopped at the office and asked the ticket man what the deal was. He was very friendly and asked us why we hadn’t consulted the internet this morning. We were like O really its closed. mrrr. ha. He said no its not closed but it doesn’t open till 11. OOO. Thank god. As it happened it was only 10:15. In reality we were going to be one of the first few people on the mountain after all. Awesome. This also gave us plenty of time to do some ski shopping at the ski store in which I definitely bought a new pair of goggles. Oakley’s. yesss. They weren’t too expensive either.

After hitting the slopes. We hadn’t even made it to the top on the first run when the rain started coming. NO. As much as I hate the rain I love skiing much much more so I decided that I was willing to stand it. By the end of the day we were both soaked through and through, but it was still fun.

I can’t even explain my feelings when I get off the ski lift for the first run of the season. Nothing feels more satisfying. Although I am a girl, I still can you use this word because it explains everything. Boner. We spent the whole day with the resort practically to ourselves. It was perfect. We hit some serious slopes and did some easy trails. All and all an awesome day. My stuff is dripping downstairs in the furnace room and I’m trying to dry it out.

As I am a total ski nerd the entire time we were up on the mountain I could do nothing else but look at my ski’s and smile with pride. I heart them… literally. I love them so much, it was a great investment. Even huger boner. haha.

Because of the rain we weren’t able to capture the action shots I was hoping to get, but its okay because I plan on going many more times before break ends. Maybe next time? Overall today was A++. I LOVE SKIING.

Confessions of a Writer<3