Aloha From Hawaii, Mahalo!

I just can’t keep ahold of reality this week at all! Things have been flying by so quickly and I am having the time of my life. From climbing to the top of an inactive volcano to extremeley (and I mean extremely) hot surfer Austrilans who are absolutely stunning, I don’t even know where to begin.

Words can not descibe all of the things I have experienced and all of the new foods that I have tasted. I really wish I could lend everyone my eyes so you can see what I see. Right now our days have been jam packed.

Since I have arrived to Oahu on Monday from the East Coast (Hawaii is 6 hours behind NY eastern standarad time) I haven’t been able to keep up but I’ve been doing my best. This trip has covered A long list of Firsts in many different areas for me. First snorkeling experience, first hike to the top of a volcano, first hostel, first sea turtle up close and personal, first kalua pig, first luau, and first surfing lesson. I’m just a complete virgin when it comes to Hawaii and its all for the better.

I actually went to a place where they shot scenes from the movie lost (I stop watching that show after season 2 but its still very cool) and I’ve taken at least 400 pictures in the past five days. There hasn’t even been that much time for drinking because we do stuff from morning till night and I’m so exhausted that I just have to go to bed and then I wake up really early and the cycle begins again.

This morning we went to the STOMP which is essentially a huge flea market at the Hawaii football stadium (where the pro bowl is played) and we went around barting for different things. I’m good at that so I got some great deals and I am happy with my buys.

Yesterday we were at Hanamu Bay snorkeling and almost ran smack dab into a sea turtle. I was swimming along the reef and came over the ledge of it just as the sea turtle was swimming up and over the ledge and we almost collided! I screamed and then my friends and I swam along with it for a good while. I also saw many big, small, colorful, and large groups of fish throughout the day there.

Tonight will be my first luau and tomorrow my first swim lesson. I can’t wait for these two things. I also have to tell you all about Constinine (our German roomate surfer), James (an Australian (HOTT!), Sam (German working in Canada (HUGE CRUSH!)), Stephen (Switzerland), and Elyas (German (VERY FUNNY!)).

There just so much to say and not enough words in the day.

Also, next post, along with the hot boys will be about Pearl Harbour and the Navy since I have the pleasure of staying on the naval base here with my friend Eryn whom I  cannot thank enough for this GREAT experience.

Many pictures will be posted.

Right now, it is 2pm and the Pens game is starting (GAME 5) so I must go! Hope they win!! Byes.

Confessions of a Writer<3



Soooo Excited!!! I cannot wait to bring the pen’s back for a Monday night game at the mellon arena vs. the Washington Capitols. The only problem I have is Gonchar’s injury. Please let him be okay!

Right now we are in a very good position. The series is 3-2 Pens. Lets just hope we end it at home and move on to bigger and better things. haha. LET’S GO PENS!

Confessions of a Writer<3

Capitals Vs. Pen’s Game 2 Review.


**Before I even start this review you must know that there is a very big influence in my hockey thoughts as I watch the games with my friend. He actually happens to watch hockey, breath hockey, eat hockey, play hockey, scream hockey, etc. He’s an all around know everything about hockey kind of guy. When I am watching the games alone in my apartment I never pick on the little things. When I watch the games at his apartment with his huge ass screen TV I don’t miss a thing and I enjoy his views on things. We think a like, when I keep up with his pace that is. Crazily, he called every single goal of last nights game. Every. Single. One. (well, maybe not the first one) Which I feel, is very impressive. He can sense bad vibes and good vibes. He is my influence for this article right now as the series goes into overdrive.

And so we end game two in Washington with a little less enthusiasm then could be hoped for. Now we play these bitches again Wednesday but at home on our own turf. It is imperative that we win the next two games and then take it back to Washington to be up 3-0 because Washington gets the last game of the series at home and as of right now they have been manipulating the game play well with their home field advantage.


Crosby started off the goal setting making it 1-0 very similar to game one but they were holding up very well the entire first period not allowing anyone to just come in there and F them up.

Jordan Stahl, whom does NOT get enough credit dominates Ovechkin every freaking time. The Caps knew this and tried to keep it to their advantage which they did and they did well. Every time Ovechkin was put on the ice the next change Stahl would come out. Ovechkin was actually being a little bitch about it, getting pissed, pushing him around, ridiculous. Stahl did not let that boy score once. Every single time, there was no way for Ovechkin to do it. But… as fate would have it, caps get the first switch on the line everytime and with this advantage there were times when Stahl was unable to be opposing Ovechkin. bullshit. So, he was able to score… three times, and bring home Game 2 for the caps. Don’t underestimate Stahl. We got big surprises Wednesday, big surprises.

The Umbrella Setup: The Pens are loving the Umbrella setup. Three people on Point and two at goal. Is this the recipe to success? Let’s hope so.

Gonchar: O my, Gonchar is making wanders. Unfortunately for him, he did not score a goal, but it was not because of a lack of effort. The one save that Varlamov made, which I felt was the best of the night, robbed Gonchar of a potential tie winning goal. Gonchar got lucky because of a deflection off of another stick of the goal post and he was set up for magic. When he went in for the kill, he killt. He bashed that puck right at the goal post. He hit it so hard that when Varlamov went to catch it the puck almost skimmed all the way over his glove with how far his hand flew. That was probably one of the best saves of the night… if not the best save. Gonchar was setup regularly and when we bring Game 3 back to Mellon Arena we should get him the puck more often. With his persistance and his want for that goal, he’ll make it happen.

Crosby, Kunitz, & Guerin: Definitely Show Stoppin. These guys are golden. I chose this line over Semen’s line any day of the week. Every time they went against each other Pen’s did not disappoint. Bring that shit to game three boys, because that’s what will make us victor’s in the next two games at home.


Sekora: Man you are really off your game. Everytime you grab ahold of that puck the shots are so random and crazy, not a goal winning moment.  Its okay though. You’ve got this. Take a deep breath and come in to game three ready to go.

David Steckel: Okay so this guy got a goal which was the difference for the win. Do we really need to worry about him? no. Should he be the reason we get scared and upset about the loss? no. Forget him. He’s just Steckel. We have bigger fish to fry.

First line change: Yeah that sucked but we have home advantage Game 3.


Ovechkin: You are such a little pussy. Get off it. You are also nothing but an attention grabbing, piece of shit talking, toothless, little bitch. What’s with the bright yellow laces. Obviously you are needed ALOT of attention and will find any little way to get it. Come off it. Yes, you play VERY good hockey, nobody disputes that, but you need to tone it down.

Stop pretending like people hit you in the face, either get hit or play on. The next time you play the bitch card I really hope that somebody goes out there, punches you right in the face and makes you loose even more of your teeth. This is pretty bad coming from me, because I think that your teeth are the most precious part of your face. So, we’ll just see how wonderful you are at game 3, when you have nothing but Stahl in the face. Thanks.

There you have it. So lets bring Game 3 home, and let’s own their asses. What do you say?

Confessions of a Writer<3