Aloha From Hawaii, Mahalo!

I just can’t keep ahold of reality this week at all! Things have been flying by so quickly and I am having the time of my life. From climbing to the top of an inactive volcano to extremeley (and I mean extremely) hot surfer Austrilans who are absolutely stunning, I don’t even know where to begin.

Words can not descibe all of the things I have experienced and all of the new foods that I have tasted. I really wish I could lend everyone my eyes so you can see what I see. Right now our days have been jam packed.

Since I have arrived to Oahu on Monday from the East Coast (Hawaii is 6 hours behind NY eastern standarad time) I haven’t been able to keep up but I’ve been doing my best. This trip has covered A long list of Firsts in many different areas for me. First snorkeling experience, first hike to the top of a volcano, first hostel, first sea turtle up close and personal, first kalua pig, first luau, and first surfing lesson. I’m just a complete virgin when it comes to Hawaii and its all for the better.

I actually went to a place where they shot scenes from the movie lost (I stop watching that show after season 2 but its still very cool) and I’ve taken at least 400 pictures in the past five days. There hasn’t even been that much time for drinking because we do stuff from morning till night and I’m so exhausted that I just have to go to bed and then I wake up really early and the cycle begins again.

This morning we went to the STOMP which is essentially a huge flea market at the Hawaii football stadium (where the pro bowl is played) and we went around barting for different things. I’m good at that so I got some great deals and I am happy with my buys.

Yesterday we were at Hanamu Bay snorkeling and almost ran smack dab into a sea turtle. I was swimming along the reef and came over the ledge of it just as the sea turtle was swimming up and over the ledge and we almost collided! I screamed and then my friends and I swam along with it for a good while. I also saw many big, small, colorful, and large groups of fish throughout the day there.

Tonight will be my first luau and tomorrow my first swim lesson. I can’t wait for these two things. I also have to tell you all about Constinine (our German roomate surfer), James (an Australian (HOTT!), Sam (German working in Canada (HUGE CRUSH!)), Stephen (Switzerland), and Elyas (German (VERY FUNNY!)).

There just so much to say and not enough words in the day.

Also, next post, along with the hot boys will be about Pearl Harbour and the Navy since I have the pleasure of staying on the naval base here with my friend Eryn whom I  cannot thank enough for this GREAT experience.

Many pictures will be posted.

Right now, it is 2pm and the Pens game is starting (GAME 5) so I must go! Hope they win!! Byes.

Confessions of a Writer<3

T minus 5 days till HAWAII.


As it so happens I am going to HAWAII!!!! && I absolutely cannot wait. My friend who is a year younger than me in the forensic program I was once a part of (weird… weird… WEIRD) (I really can’t imagine not going back to school in the fall) invited me to come and visit her on the island where she is doing her internship.

No she is not a native, but when she left for college her parents moved down there because her dad is a naval captain and was stationed there for a few years. My alongside my partner in crime, are heading down for one crazy vacation. Most likely the last awesome time before I head over to Rhode Island for Naval officer candidate school (OCS) training.

My only complaint is that I’m not a very big person on going to tourist filled destinations. I like to find the beauty in something not everyone is all about. The same thing with books which I do believe I have stated previously. I was a huge fan of the Twilight series but when it takes off like that the magic just disappears for me. Its way to big, the movie wasn’t to my satisfaction, and when everybody and there mother knows the love story, it doesn’t have the same impact nor will it ever have the same impact as when I read it the first time no publicity included.

The greatest thing ever is that I will be staying on Pearl Harbour base with E and her family and we will be getting a personal tour of Pearl Harbour due to the fact that her father has connections and doesn’t mind showing us around. This I am extremely excited for. It’s soo perfect.

Other adventures planned include a back packing trip to some of the volcanoes, staying in a Hostel for a few nights to experience Hawaiian nightlife, relaxing on Wakiki beach, going to the Aquarium, sushi, a Louau, snorkeling, and just the best time a girl could ask for with friends.

For this week I am sooo excited. This will be the farthest I have ever traveled from my hometown, which isn’t saying much for someone trying to make it all around the world. But, this is a good start for sure.

After Hawaii its time to get very serious. Getting into trained physical shape is a huge priority, pushups and situps are a must. If I think that I’m going to make it through OCS I’m going to have to work my buns off to be in good physical condition before I even leave. This is top priority.

On the return trip there will be no fooling around. Time to get serious. Until then, I’ll take a time of my life please.

Confessions of a Writer<3