The Time is Quickly Going, & Boy am I Running.

So many things to do, and so little time to do it. I must stay in great shape, get everything ready for OCS, copy files, collect important papers, get all the things on my list, and prepare to leave all contact with the world as I know it for three full months. What the heck am I doing right now?

How pathetic have I become that I fear not having my blackberry because it is the ultimate connection to my world, on the go and at home? But it is fast approaching and there is much to be done. I barely even have time to regreat leaving it behind.

YIKES! So many things to think about and on top of all that I have four full page papers of things to memorize for OCS training. I’m not the best word for word memorizer so hopefully I can get through with that in the next few days. I am feeling slightly overwhelmed right now.

A big step in my life is fast approaching and I have millions of things to do. Also, I have millions of people to see. I wish I had time for everyone but I don’t see why I’m in such popular demand these days. I can’t be making trips all around the U.S. and I’m sorry I don’t have time for it, but it simply can’t be done.

With all the movement that I’ve been making I am just now starting to realize that I will have absolutely no privacy, especially with life on a ship. I haven’t decided how I feel about this yet since I consider myself a very independent person.

To see what is really in store for me and how I will adjust to my new life… well… Only time will tell.

Date Decided for my new life to begin.

August 30. August 30. August 30. That’s what could have been found repeating over and over just two days ago when I got the call from Lt. A who called to inform me of the day I could be leaving for Officer Candidate School for the Navy. I hadn’t heard anything previously so this was VERY BIG news and I was excited to have it. As it turns out I thought I would be leaving earlier like in early July so this one extra month, at first I didn’t want, but now am glad to have.

Yesterday I met up with the woman that is conducting my secret security clearance background check. That took awhile because I had a lot of jobs in the past and I worked three jobs at once during some times and it was confusing to sort everything out. After talking to her for a good while and going over all of my previous residences and and employments she said that she was in a bit of a rush to complete all of this stuff so she was going to go and talk to the last few people and then she would be turning everything in for completion.

That is good news even though I know that it will still be some time before everything is completed. I’m happy with the news thus far.

After she left I talked to my parents about getting my own phone plan. My mother is wary but I think she is finally going to let me do something on my own, which it would be about time, since I am twenty two years old.

Good news: I do believe I will be getting the blackberry pearl and I am quite excited. I have not had texting the past four years and this is something I am looking very forward to. That is all for now. More soon…

Confessions of a Writer<3

Naval Officer OCS. Questions have been Answered.

As it turns out there is a girl that completed Navy OCS in March that I knew freshman and sophmore year of college. I’d been meaning to contact her and ask her some questions regarding OCS but for some reason I don’t really know, I kept on putting it off. Finally I sent her a message telling her that I knew she had just graduated OCS and I was wandering if she has any words of advice. She wrote back with two words. Call me and her phone number.

Of course I immediately dialed and what ensued, was an hour and a half phone conversation in which I definitely found out about 90% more new information than I had already known. She was extremely helpful and headed me toward the Naval officer forum where you are able to ask any questions aobut OCS and even if are not accepted yet you may still talk to others about it.

She also gave me a list of a few of the things you are allowed to bring, what to expect, and all of that business. Since I have not grown up with anyone in the military or for that matter talked to people in depth about being in it, I am not well informed.

After talking to her, I am well aware that it is going to be very challenging, but I do think that I will be able to pull through. Unfortuntely from what I have learned, there is definitely a sandpit with fire ants in it and if you or one of the members of your class F’s up big time then you must roll around in the sand pit and possibly put your face in it. After surviving Indoctrine week I think I’ll be good to go… Hopefully. haha.

All things aside what I need to be aware of the most, is my physical fitness. I must stay in good shape and be able to do all of the things that they want like push ups, sit ups, running, flutter kicks, etc. I am defintiely going to get all over that so that when I arrive I will be able to at least keep up in the beginning.

After talking with her, I am very excited and can’t wait for my life to enter this new direction. I will definitely be challenged, but I am definitely looking forward to it.

Confessions of a Writer<3