Where the Wind Blows.

The representation of this title leads me to tell you just that… wherever the wind blows me. I documentation of this weekends events, my life in its present state, the cleaning saga in which I spend time trying to figure out how to live alone, and the latest of my video game fascinations.

At the present moment I have finally been dabbling into Bioshock. I know this sounds extremely pathetic and quite childish, but the beginning of the game freaked me out so much that upon moving 6 hours away from my closest friend or relation, I was way to afraid to play it. I didn’t want to freak myself out. & that I guarantee you, I would have done. Soo, until becoming much familiar with my present place of residence I have not been playing video games that freak me out, only ones that are ┬átoned down, and I am very familiar with. This means, Dead Space, definitely on a back burner, as well as Left 4 Dead 2 and Bioshock. That was until recently with Bioshock. I have been enjoying it immensely lately. So much in fact that I have come to cursing severely when I can’t figure out what to do next or I am killed by one of those stupid people down in rapture. The story between the sisters and Mr. Bubbles is keeping me in suspense and I am refusing to look up any information on the internet, because I like the waiting to find out.

Also, I am now reading the book Smashed

which is about a girl who becomes an extreme alcoholic at the age of 14. Its an odd read for me to choose, but I picked it because I am continually interested in peeking into the world of troubled people, and I don’t really understand what it means to have to drink alcohol. I don’t know the feeling of being dependent on something so fully that you can’t go a day without obtaining it. And because of that I am reading this book. Unfortunately it is taking me a lot longer time to read books these days because I have become an extreme work-a-holic.

I try to separate myself at the end of the day, but it is becoming increasingly hard.My work completely surrounds me. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to find some balance.

The last thing I would like to bring up at this present time is my struggles to clean all of those random things that you don’t normal think about in your place of residence. Today I struggled to clean the gas stove and I do believe it went well, but it was quite a disaster. I had things everywhere and after I cleaned the stove I had to clean the rest of the kitchen because I made a complete mess. Then I tackled the blinds and ended up soaking them in the bathtub. They were nasty dirty. I’m probably going to have to do it at least two more times before they look the right color. The water was black by the time I drained it. Thank-god I haven’t lived here long because that would be terrible. Knowing that I have been breathing that in. ugh. My spring cleaning will probably be going on for the next few months. We’ll see how it goes…

Besides that, I’m always on the run. More soon.


The World is Awaiting.

& so after passing my last and final physical to get into OCS training with the Navy, I also recieved my one way ticket to Rhode Island in two weeks for said training.

I printed that ticket out brought it home and set it on the counter. My mom looked it over, looked at me, and then said, does this scare you?

I looked back at her confused and said why would it?

She was like well its a one way ticket to a new life, you’re not even a little scared about that fact?

To be honest, I never thought about it like that. I saw that plane ticket as my ticket to the whole world. An opening to see all of the places I have been dying to see since I was born I would guess.

I have a serious case of the twitching feet syndrome. I will not be settled until I’ve traveled around the world and back and then maybe around one more time.

& with that said I am completeing an item from my to-do list on Sunday. That item would be SKYDIVING!!!!!!!

I absolutely can not wait. I’ve been trying to do this for almost a year and I found a random plan that will fit my needs perfectly. There will be many pictures of my first jump and the exhilerating rush of the experience in a few days time. Get pumped!


For the Past few days I have been learning about HTML and how to upload it from tysdaddy who has been very helpful and kind through my crazy [WHAT AM I DOING RIGHT NOW!!] experience. After quite a few hours of work that led into the next day I have finally added a picture link to my sidebar!!! The follow me on twitter icon will now be my favorite link ever because it took THAT long for me to set up.

Please bare with the inconvenience as I put time into making my blog look pretty and I stop writing for a few days.

shit stompingINCONVENIENCE!

Also, tomorrow I am completeing my last and final physical before I leave for OCS training and if all goes will I will be sitting at happy hour around 5pm sipping a momosa being smiling happily into the glass as I talk over my future life with a friend.

In the moment, I shall feel the best I will feel in 3 months because in two weeks from then, I will be sticking my face into a sand pit full of fire ants. That momosa will be light years away and I will probably be the most physically fit, but most unattractive person I have been in my entire life.

In the end… I CAN’T WAIT!

I shall be posting again tomorrow. My days are limited and I feel I have much to say.

THANKS AGAIN TYSDADDY for all of your help, I honestly would have been VERY lost without you and had I feel very good to have completed my first HTML with your guidance and my frustration.

The Time is Quickly Going, & Boy am I Running.

So many things to do, and so little time to do it. I must stay in great shape, get everything ready for OCS, copy files, collect important papers, get all the things on my list, and prepare to leave all contact with the world as I know it for three full months. What the heck am I doing right now?

How pathetic have I become that I fear not having my blackberry because it is the ultimate connection to my world, on the go and at home? But it is fast approaching and there is much to be done. I barely even have time to regreat leaving it behind.

YIKES! So many things to think about and on top of all that I have four full page papers of things to memorize for OCS training. I’m not the best word for word memorizer so hopefully I can get through with that in the next few days. I am feeling slightly overwhelmed right now.

A big step in my life is fast approaching and I have millions of things to do. Also, I have millions of people to see. I wish I had time for everyone but I don’t see why I’m in such popular demand these days. I can’t be making trips all around the U.S. and I’m sorry I don’t have time for it, but it simply can’t be done.

With all the movement that I’ve been making I am just now starting to realize that I will have absolutely no privacy, especially with life on a ship. I haven’t decided how I feel about this yet since I consider myself a very independent person.

To see what is really in store for me and how I will adjust to my new life… well… Only time will tell.

Reading. The Books. The Life.

I am a lover a books. And what I might ask makes me a lover a books? I have been thinking about this lately. What separates the readers from the non-readers. Is it the imagination factor, is it the genes, is it the search for more knowledge and excitement? How can one be so completely involved in the story and the other one so completely not?

I have been a “book nerd” since I was little. How do people even get into reading? Half the world is missing out on so much and they can’t even begin to fathom. Even non-fiction books are great. Just pick a genre and start reading… Life isn’t going anywhere.

P.S. Belle is my favorite Disney princess because in Beauty & the Beast she sings about books and always has her head in one. Love that.

One of my favorite parts of a good story is being so completely involved in someone elses tale that you almost forget where you are and what your doing. I openly admit to absentmindedly sliding through the days when I can’t put a book down. Nodding halfheartedly to whatever my mother or sister’s say and not even listening for a second as I stay completely engulfed in my book.

And you know what for all of the name calling in high school, I could so take it, because books matter more. Now I do believe that I went above and beyond with the reading criteria back in the day but it wasn’t to be the top of the class or the teacher’s pet, it was to read. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yes its true, I can also find myself at times trying to get out of a party or leave a bar because I just wanted to rush home and get one more chapter read before bed, and as it always turns out that one more chapter turns into three which turns into five and before I get to bed, the sun is already rising.

When I was a young child I couldn’t ever sleep and I was always wanting to read. As terrible as it was I would hide under the covers in the sweltering heat with a flashlight so my mom couldn’t see and I could finish that book I had started earlier on in the day. One of my favorite parts of elementary school which I still remember well is picking up my box [it was always a box] of books from the scholastic book club. I never had a better thrill than being able to order whatever books I wanted from the scholastic book club magazine. My mother fought me sometimes but for the most part she let me imaginations decide which books would be perfect for me. I would always get my box and run home so that I could see what was inside [even though I definitely already knew].

Another good story is when I decided I was running away from home I went upstairs, got the biggest suitcase I could find, and walked down to my bookshelf and started jamming it full of every one of my books. My mom just looked at me shook her head and walked away knowing that I would never be able to lug that thing out the door let alone down the street. She always brings that up. My daughter would never think logically of clothes, o never. She only has her mind on her books. Now its a good laugh, at the time I was determined.

Well this is my last lament. If you can get only 1/8 of the satisfaction that I find in a good book then you should try it. Not every book is for everyone but there is something out there for you. I pity the poor soles who don’t even know what their missing because they are missing A LOT.

A world without books would be a world of misery. Stomach the books for your classes and move on to pleasure. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to finish it as long as you enjoy it. When I leave for navy training I will most definitely be envying all of the people who are out in the world reading. A book nerd I was born as and a book nerd I will be when I die, and I smile happily knowing it.

Books = great stories = my love = my favorite thing to do on a rainy day or a sunny day or any day for that matter.

stack of booksBooks, open the cover and recieve.

And so the Waiting Begins… Go Figure.

Well folks, I am a sworn naval officer. Its weird right? Well not too weird yet. I have all the benefits of the military which is nice and I have a great amout on ass kicking to look forward to which should be very fun and a joy to be a part of, but for the most part I’m still the same old girl in the same small town waiting to get out.

I am still working some crappy jobs and I really just want to throw in the towel. If I didn’t need the little bit of spending money that they are able to afford me, then I would be out of there like a light in a strong wind. Today was a very stressed filled inventory disaster day and I was to blame for part of it which pisses me off indefinitely. Screw counting every minute item in the store and I am so done with that and over since I have a job now. Gosh. Well that’s enough ranting to go along with that and I’ve proven to myself that I am inable simply add up books and make totals.

I hate being a dumbass and I definitely don’t want to go to work for a week because I am sooo not over it.

Well aside from that mishap, I’m otherwise happily well and in good working order to continue my extravagent lifestyle until I am shipped off to bootcamp.

Tata for now. mwah.

The Swearing in Will be Wednesday.

Wow, I suppose I’ve come quite far in my adventures as I am embarking on my last task before I am shipped off to basic training. Its been a long few months with many ups and downs (F-ing eggs) and although I was rejected on six occasions here I am being sworn into the navy officer program under SWO surface warfare officer.

As exciting as I am to start my new life I am also aware of all the people who have encouraged me to make it this far and all of the shocking faces I got when I told people what I would be doing with my life after college. I like the shock effect, it makes me laugh secretly inside everytime because yes I’m a woman, and yes I’m going to the navy, and who knows how it will turn out. No one can say for sure.

swearing in to the navySo Wednesday morning it is. Little over two months left and this is the final step before I say my goodbyes, pack up what little belongings I am allowed, and I shove off. How exciting!

The great news is that my parents have opted to join me in my swearing in ceremony. At first I was nervous that they would be busy and lets face it, I’m not a big kid yet, and I still find comfort in the supporting figures that have encouraged me all this way.

So to those of you who didn’t expect it and thought I couldn’t make it, that’s okay. I don’t need any satisfaction in proving you wrong, I just proved myself right, that’s all.

Date Decided for my new life to begin.

August 30. August 30. August 30. That’s what could have been found repeating over and over just two days ago when I got the call from Lt. A who called to inform me of the day I could be leaving for Officer Candidate School for the Navy. I hadn’t heard anything previously so this was VERY BIG news and I was excited to have it. As it turns out I thought I would be leaving earlier like in early July so this one extra month, at first I didn’t want, but now am glad to have.

Yesterday I met up with the woman that is conducting my secret security clearance background check. That took awhile because I had a lot of jobs in the past and I worked three jobs at once during some times and it was confusing to sort everything out. After talking to her for a good while and going over all of my previous residences and and employments she said that she was in a bit of a rush to complete all of this stuff so she was going to go and talk to the last few people and then she would be turning everything in for completion.

That is good news even though I know that it will still be some time before everything is completed. I’m happy with the news thus far.

After she left I talked to my parents about getting my own phone plan. My mother is wary but I think she is finally going to let me do something on my own, which it would be about time, since I am twenty two years old.

Good news: I do believe I will be getting the blackberry pearl and I am quite excited. I have not had texting the past four years and this is something I am looking very forward to. That is all for now. More soon…

Confessions of a Writer<3


So I can’t stop thinking about Hawaii. I’ve been eating, sleeping, and living with my excitement for Hawaii a full day now and it just won’t go away. I’ve been trying to keep it all to myself but somehow in someway it keeps spilling out of me like word vomit. I’m not one to rub my good fortune in other people’s faces because I am going on an adventure other people do not have the pleasure of sharing, but I am just too excited to keep it to myself. A compromise must be reached. Today was Tentative Itinerary day.

M & I looked at all of the things we wish to accomplish and at 3 am this morning (9pm Hawaiian time) E sent us even more stuff that we can do and it sounds so fantastic. Some of the things include a Luau, snorkeling, renting jet skii’s and kyayk’s, surfing lesson’s with a BBQ and trying to complete what’s called the Alpine Tower.

Now the Alpine Tower is what I am most excited about. Has you ever heard of a challenge course? That’s what this is since its on the base at Pearl Harbour and apparently it is run by hott marine boys according to E. This is great news. I am looking very forward to this and can’t wait to challenge myself.

After putting together the itinerary M and I decided to get off the phone with each other and start packing. This resulted in me deciding every few minutes I needed something from Walley World, and this ended in two separate trips over there to ensure that nothing would be forgotten. In the end, I’m pretty sure that for one, the woman that works at the vision center knows everything about me and see’s me way to often, and two, people might seriously begin to think that I live there or something. Hopefully I will have everything collected that I need by tomorrow so that I don’t have to make yet another trip and I can stop the word vomit from happening. The only cure is to stay out of range of people who don’t already know about my vacation because that way I can contain myself.

Yes, I can say that I have lots of things yet to do, but with a very light work load (This means no work tomorrow or Saturday) WOOOO! I will have plenty of time to preprare and pack for my trip. & no this is not relieving any of my excitement. haha.

Confessions of a Writer<3

T minus 5 days till HAWAII.


As it so happens I am going to HAWAII!!!! && I absolutely cannot wait. My friend who is a year younger than me in the forensic program I was once a part of (weird… weird… WEIRD) (I really can’t imagine not going back to school in the fall) invited me to come and visit her on the island where she is doing her internship.

No she is not a native, but when she left for college her parents moved down there because her dad is a naval captain and was stationed there for a few years. My alongside my partner in crime, are heading down for one crazy vacation. Most likely the last awesome time before I head over to Rhode Island for Naval officer candidate school (OCS) training.

My only complaint is that I’m not a very big person on going to tourist filled destinations. I like to find the beauty in something not everyone is all about. The same thing with books which I do believe I have stated previously. I was a huge fan of the Twilight series but when it takes off like that the magic just disappears for me. Its way to big, the movie wasn’t to my satisfaction, and when everybody and there mother knows the love story, it doesn’t have the same impact nor will it ever have the same impact as when I read it the first time no publicity included.

The greatest thing ever is that I will be staying on Pearl Harbour base with E and her family and we will be getting a personal tour of Pearl Harbour due to the fact that her father has connections and doesn’t mind showing us around. This I am extremely excited for. It’s soo perfect.

Other adventures planned include a back packing trip to some of the volcanoes, staying in a Hostel for a few nights to experience Hawaiian nightlife, relaxing on Wakiki beach, going to the Aquarium, sushi, a Louau, snorkeling, and just the best time a girl could ask for with friends.

For this week I am sooo excited. This will be the farthest I have ever traveled from my hometown, which isn’t saying much for someone trying to make it all around the world. But, this is a good start for sure.

After Hawaii its time to get very serious. Getting into trained physical shape is a huge priority, pushups and situps are a must. If I think that I’m going to make it through OCS I’m going to have to work my buns off to be in good physical condition before I even leave. This is top priority.

On the return trip there will be no fooling around. Time to get serious. Until then, I’ll take a time of my life please.

Confessions of a Writer<3