Left 4 Dead Movies + Trailor.

In case you haven’t been able to get in the mood for some zombie obliterating action… let me bring you there. You know you want to get infected. I just had a long conversation with a friend last night at the bar about left 4 dead. He really got me into the “stomp the zombie” mode, so I thought I’d try to infect everyone else. Corny, I know… shut up.

Left 4 Dead Trailer:

First Movie:

In case you weren’t aware that witch is a huge bitch. You have to absolutely stay away from her at all costs and if you are in the same room with her turn off your flashlight and do not shoot your gun. She will kill you in one fluid motion. She is merciless. When you see her you keep quite, keep your head down, and get the F out.

Another helpful tip is when you are playing on versus, play with people you know. It really sucks when you play with people you don’t know because this game is very dependent on team playing. You can’t leave the group because you will die, and if you don’t work together you’re left 4 dead. Truth.

Last Helpful Hint: When the tank comes, RUN! do not let it catch up with you. Get someone to run while everyone else shoots. That will help damage it more then letting it come up on you and beat the crap out of you while you lay there trying to pump it full of lead.

Confessions of a Writer<3

Video Games. Alllll Night Looooong.

I just absolutely positively love when I can get together with friends, relax, and play a full night of vigorous video games for many many hours, so that I may one more time realize why not having xbox live saves my life. I can’t believe how absolutely obsessed I am with video games. It has to be this recent insurgence and the new group of video game friends that I now enjoy games with, that has sparked my otherwise hidden passion.


Playing halo for 4 hours on back to back, paired for the kill teams with crazy kill action, has me psyced for the game. Last night we were playing team scenerios 3 guys, 1 girl <—ME. These guys are awesome and they are VERY good, which frustrates me a little but not much, because everyone is a good sport. We always play 1st and last, 2nd and 3rd. This means I always get to play with 1st place. woo. Actually I was holding my own, it was just at a lower level than everyone else. haha.

After our loonng halo kick ended, we played a vigorous round of left 4 dead in which everyone kept trying to hump me as the boomber when we were zombies. gosh. get off. ha. Now, one thing you know is that in halo there is a very high possibility when you die that you might be tea bagged. During left 4 dead I donot expect for this sort of thing to happen since its humans and zombies, not the same thing at all. I am unhappy to announce that I totally got tea bagged by my oponent Francis last night and I was totally appalled by it. gosh. I was the boomer. ewwwww. But I’m a free spirit, I can take it.

So in the end, my night was blissful, it was completely involved, and I loved every second of it. Remind me again why I don’t have nights like this every night. O yeah… reality. Can’t let that get the best of you.

Confessions of a Writer<3

Left 4 Dead. So Sweet.


Yesterday night was my first time playing left 4 dead and it was Totally Awesome! As someone who is quite jumpy and screams uncontrollably at scary things, I was freaked out the whole game. What I really like about it is the fact that you are a round as a human and then you are a round as a zombie. Obviously the zombies are super easy to kill so during that round you spend most of your time respawing but it is still really neat to strategize and try to get those humans.

The zombie I enjoyed/hated the most was the smoker, AKA tongue guy. He always seemed to get me and it was terrible. This zombie has an extremely long tongue and when you become him you put your tongue on a human target and then the tongue flicks out and it will pull one of the humans away from the group. Its really really good if you can get a straggler because then when you pull them away the others can’t help them and they will die. It is very effective especially if you stand at the top of a building to do it because then its harder for them to shoot you and you can pick off the humans if they get too close to the side.

I spent like four hours playing this game last night and it really did wet my zombie appetite. Sweet.

Confessions of a Writer<3