Giant Phone Compilation

One of the best shows on comedy central back in the day was called Trigger Happy. It was a prank Tv Show made by some Canadians and consistently had me coming back for laugh after laugh after laugh. Here is just one of the compilations entitled the Giant phone in which a man with a giant phone goes around interrupting different institutions with his obnoxious yelling on his giant phone.

One of the best is when he has the giant phone clipped to his pants while he is scootering down the road and he is wearing a phone headest. That is priceless. Check out the montage and just keep on laughing. hahahahaha.

This is Soo My Dad.


From: Toothpaste for Dinner Comics

My dad sooo has a huge pile of old wood in his basement that he keeps saying he’s going to make masterpieces out of. It is quite humerous and he also has quite a lot of junk except my mom keeps a tight hold on the amount that he will be alloted to have at one time.

Confessions of a Writer<3

More Graphics = Super Uncool.


From: Toothpaste for Dinner Comics

I can’t help but post this little cartoon of humor because it depicts one of my teachers perfectly. I have a professional technical writing class and it mostly deals strictly with scientfic journals geared mostly towards forensic science. He is just such a nerd for the graphics. He can talk on and on and on about how he love representing data and how to do it and what kind of graphic to use. He absolutely loves it. He’s also a huge fan of this book which I had the oppurtunity to skim through:

graphics-on-a-napkin& finding this comic on the web is enough to make me laugh hysterically. If you only knew. I gurantee you I’ll be printing this cartoon out and giving it to him next class. too funny.

Confessions of a writer<3