“When Good Americans Die, they go to Paris” –Oscar Wilde


HOW to travel PARIS in a day with no tour guide:

Well first things first… start off with a mimosa in your hotel lobby… or three because they are delicious and you are in Paris. Oui Oui.

After meeting up with everyone the night before and touring the Eiffel Tower in style it was time to travel the city and see the other exciting sights Paris has to offer.

We got ourselves a map and started our journey using the subway system. We were staying in St. Dennis so it wasn’t far and very easy to figure out once we asked the hotel front desk which stops all of the major scenery was located.

We wanted to tour the Louvre first so we took the subway to that stop and headed the rest of the way on foot. As soon as we exited the subway terminal it was a site to behold. It was so french, probably because we were in France but the only other place I have to compare is England. I just love taking in all of the sites I can so we took pictures, stopped in a few side shops, and stopped in a cafe for some coffee and begets before heading into the center of the Louvre structure.

The line was quite long for the museum but it went very quickly especially since we were laughing and taking many different pictures. I think a few people thought we were crazy.

Once inside we waited in another line to pay and then we headed toward the Mona Lisa because they did in fact have it there. I’ve never been big on the Mona Lisa but my sister had a Mona Lisa snow globe when we were growing up and when you would wind it, it would sing the Mona Lisa song by Nat King Cole which I thought was lovely and catchy too. Of course the room holding her was the most crowded of them all so I squeezed my way up for a quick pic and then was on my way. I had to drag the others away.

After some serious examination (just one small side because is HUGE and you could wonder around for days in there) of the Louvre, we walked back outside and walked through an archway towards the ferris wheel. Once we got to the road We happened upon the Paris Obelisk which is the oldest statue in Paris but was not placed there until 1833.

We bought a few snacks at a road side stand and then hailed a taxi to take us to the Sacre Coeur which is a cathedral that sits above the city and when you walk to it you can look out over Paris. Its quite a stunning view. The walk up was very nice with all kinds of little shops. I tried chocolate dipped marshmallows. yummy. We toured inside the cathedral and took pictures outside then we walked back and headed down to the city to find a place for dinner. While walking on our way we found an area where people were selling paintings and both my sister and I bought one because they were beautiful.

We ate an Italian dinner with good wine and grabbed a taxi afterwards to take us to the Palace of Versailles. The palace is a little bit outside of the city so we zipped along and when we pulled up we had just missed the entry time so we took pictures outside and headed back to Paris to see the Notre Dame.

By this time sunset had already occurred, so we saw the Notre Dame at night which I thought was magnificent. We stopped for a few more drinks then took the subway back to our hotel to rest up because we would be heading towards Zermatt tomorrow and that was the most exciting part!


Good music is good music, and everything else can go to hell. Dave<3

DMB Set List, For Real!

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DAVE MATTHEW’S BAND: So this is my relationship with Dave. In the beginning, back when I was in middle school and high school all of my friends were head over heels in love with Dave. Me, I just didn’t really care. I mean he was good sure but I feel that I didn’t have that attachment to music that so many people seem to have. I was always in the band and so there was plenty of music in my life, I’ve just never been overly obsessed with one music artist, if that makes sense.

Well once I went to college I would always try to come home and visit and during the summertime that’s when all of my friends would be home and they were always on the look out for when Dave was coming to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. I just wanted to hang out with everyone. So, when they would buy tickets I would just jump on the band wagon and buy a ticket too so I could be a part of the fun, even if the music didn’t appeal to my as much as everyone else.

After a couple of those concerts I finally started to realize the emotions of the music. I don’t know how to explain that very well, but I had heard the song “Two Step” many times before, and this one specific moment when I was outside on the lawn at the concert, a cool breeze in my hair, and all of my greatest childhood friends around me, I just got it. And that’s my favorite song by the way.

When I moved to Norfolk, Dave came there and I went to see him with some of the officers from my wardroom at the time. I decided I liked him even more that night. Then last summer when I came home, it was with the prospects of seeing Dave with all of my friends like old times. Now, whenever I am reuniting with my friends I associate Dave with them. He brings us all together because we plan trips around his concerts. Dave=My Friends! I never have more fun then when I’m shotgunning beers (that’s a must at Dave concerts), seeing old friends, and bobbing my head along to the music.

This summer was no exception. After I finished my summer classes I headed home for the final part of my summer and time off from the Navy. All of my friends headed home too and we met in Pittsburgh one final time just a few weeks before I flew to Japan. It was epic. I might not see everyone for a little while, but the memories will be enough<3.

P.S. We even got the set list after running up to the stage at the end from the lawn seats, and that’s a fact!


I Played in Harper’s Ferry!

Since I’m stationed in VA, I travel often to DC where a close friend works and we always have a blast. I was headed up there one weekend, close to the end of summer and drawing near to my departure for Japan. When I scheduled to come, she said she had a surprise for me.

What is it I demanded, but she refused to tell me, but her only clue was that I needed old sneakers and my bathing suit?! What does that even mean? The worst part was I was going for the whole weekend and she wasn’t telling me what the surprise was until Sunday when we went. I was very excited but also upset that I could get her to give me any other clues before then.

We always try to hit up a museum or monument when I stop in DC and so this weeks theme was the Air Force monument. It’s a simple monument but the quotes are powerful.


The Monument

When Sunday rolled around we had to wake up early even though we had been out partying the night before and we stopped at a gas station for Dunkin donuts before we met up with 3 of her coworkers who were also going and already knew the secret. M had got the tickets for the event on Groupon which is a very good deal I might add and so we started our drive to our destination.

She told me we were going to West Virginia and I was even more excited because I always loving visiting WV. Holla! They finally told me what we were doing when we started on our way: RAFTING DOWN RAPIDS WITH RIVER RIDERS AT HARPERS FERRY.

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She planned a great trip. When we arrived we were a little behind schedule since we had gotten lost along the way but they gave us our rafts and a floating cooler to put beer in to take along for the ride. We loaded the bus and were off. When we first got to the river we had a lot of paddling to do because it was very calm waters, but as you approached the rapid area things picked up quickly. We had a great time! I’d recommend it to anyone, kids were out there too.

The rapids themselves were not very intense but it gave you enough excitement as you went through them and then you would come to a lazy part in the river where you would just bob along until you got to another set of rapids and do it again. The view was great and it felt good to be lazy on the river drinking a few beers. We all loved it!

It took a few hours to get to the end of the bank and when we got out of the water we rode the bus back to the lodge and they fed us hot dogs and hamburgers, potato salad, chips, and more beers. Just a glorious day overall. It started storming so we did not go back out on the river and instead we headed home and drove every where for snack McFlurry’s. I love coming back to good ole’ WV!

A Weekend of Bliss.

You know that feeling, where you can’t stop smiling because everything seems so right? I felt like that all weekend and it was glorious!

Finally we were able to relax and do whatever our hearts desired. The ship was going no where, everyone I wanted to see was in port and we let the weekend take us like a leaf in the wind, whichever direction it had in store. On Friday I made up my last duty day for another officer and was on the ship, but I didn’t have to arrive until 4pm because I had the last day of the ASWE class and graduation. I openly admit to the fact that went home after the graduation, which concluded at 10am, instead of going to the ship because my orders have me TAD until that Monday so I don’t even feel a little bad about it. I don’t feel bad even more because of the fact that I went home to give my apartment a thorough [and when I say thorough I mean it] scrub down.

After arriving at the ship I went to bed super early because I had the 3am to 8am watch. As soon as I got off one of my guys brought me some homeaid chili to eat and I ran home to cook that up. It was so hott that my mouth was burning, I was sweating, and I had to drink 3 cups of milk while I danced around my kitchen because I couldn’t sit still.

Afterwards I headed over to P’s house to go to a festival but on the way saw that the extremely upscale rich neighborhood that I was driving through was having a neighborhood wide yard sale. You better believe I ran to P’s to get him, but upon arriving found out that he was already over there buying stuff. So together he and I shopped and shopped and got steals from the rich people who were intent on getting rid of their really nice belongings. We, along with his roommate loaded up quite a few things and then headed back to decorate his house. I got a huge picture for only $10 and a bunch of hardback books for only $1. What a great morning!

Then, we decided to go to a BBQ at one of their friends houses from another ship and so instead of going to the festival I ran home with my goods, changed into my bathing suit, and headed back to his house to lay out on their ginormous deck. That’s when the drinking began. haha. At around 1 pm.

At 4 we left for the BBQ and had a great time cooking out and enjoying each other’s company. The ice cream truck came down the street and we all ran out to buy some like the little kids that we truly are and then afterwards we headed to the Jubilee festival to watch some tonic. At this point I was fairly intoxicated and it made the drive over very entertaining, although maybe not for P since he was our DD.

At the festival, we realized that we had missed the concert but we were just in time for the fireworks. Which were Awesome! I somehow decided to double fist a few beers and we jumped a fence to go to the VIP portapoty’s that are locked up. A woman took pity on me and let me go. Then afterwards we decided to jump another fence to take pictures on a caboose. I being the drunk person that I was jumped the fence but ended up falling right on my face and I started laughing and couldn’t stop. We got the pictures and when I went back over the guys helped me this time.

We decided then that it was time to end the evening with a funnel cake. P just dropped me off at my house and came over early this morning to drive me back to my car which was at his place. It worked out perfectly because I made it to church and now we are planning on going back to the concert to see Rodney Atkins and then I’m making an extravagant dinner for them tonight, which will be edamane [japanese appetizer], corn on the cob, steak teriyaki and watermelon. Served with wine that I aquired from the wine festival a few weeks ago. I don’t know how much this all goes together but I guess we’ll have to see.

On a much more serious note I arrived on the ship on Friday with my orders and handed them in, just to receive a new set of orders to go to boarding officer’s school for VBSS which is Visit Board Search and Seizure. The US Navy is able to stop an international ship on the waters and search their vessels for any illegal things. Apparently I’m going to be a part of the team!!! This is extremely exciting. I feel that I somehow received this by chance, but I will take it willingly. I can’t wait!

Last note of the Day: The LOST series finale is tonight which is very interesting to say the least. I’ve just recently got back into the show and will be watching the end of the end tonight. good stuff.

Camping + Star Trek.

Good combonation right? Talking about Camp, one of my favorite places on Earth, and giving a Star Trek movie review all in one post. You just got to go with the flow on this page I guess, because that’s what I feel like writing about.

One of my favorite smells is that of a camp fire. I love camping. I don’t care how dirty I get, how nasty things are, if you can’t rough it then you need new priorities. When I go camping, I love the company of people I am around because these are all of my childhood friends, and I love the atmosphere. Everyone there is happy, we relax, we eat ALOT, we drink, and we do everything on a whim. There are no plans. Whatever happens happens and that’s the way I like it.

I also like laying out on a hammock and having serious conversations with my friends for life because they are the only people that really understand me. When I talk with them they give me good advice, they tell me straight up if I’m wrong and they don’t hold back. I love that.

We always bring up the fact that after we all went our separate ways in college we weren’t able to find true friends like the ones we left back home. This is so unfortunate because I wish I could make friends like them, it just doesn’t work that way. Although I was able to make one friend that would have been in my group of friends had she lived near me growing up. Nobody else fits our circle. This is sad but very true.

Overall, my memorial day was awesome. I am already home now getting ready to help my family do yard work and I can’t wait till next Monday! Why you ask? Because I have a plane ticket to HAWAII and I just can’t wait to GOOO!!!

In other news:


I meant to post this last week after I saw the movie but some how the days have been flying by and I haven’t had time till now.

After seeing the Star Trek movie I can only say I was really really impressed. I, a person who has never even watched an episode and know little to nothing about Star Trek, went to see the movie and loved it! I loved all of the characters and I loved all of the action. The story plot was good, a little hard to interperet at times, but defintiely my kind of movie.

Everybody is loving Chris Plank (Captian Kirk) but I’m not going to lie I was a huge fan of Spock. I mean not really the bowl cut and ears but his physique was Amazing! When I was watching him walk off screen and just his quiet actions I decided I would totally do him. He’s also really smart and I can’t help but fall for a total nerd. ha.

Overall this movie is bomb and I want to see it again before it leaves theatre’s. I can definitely see myself buying it.

Confessions of a Writer<3

Cicilic Circle

So, I thought I would share this story with you because its too funny and my friends and I are crazy and I love it. haha.

About three years ago, over easter break, six of my friends and me decided to go camping at my friend E’s campsite. We had two cars because there were 7 of us all together and we packed everything we needed, Food, Lanterns, ALCOHOL, more Alcohol, sleeping bags, blankets, the works. Because it was still early spring the electric up at the camp site was not turned on and we had to prepare for all of these things.

Now let me tell you alittle bit of something about getting into the campsite. At the gate there is a 24 hour watch, in which you have to stop and present your pass to get into the site. We arrive, drive up to the gate and Liz (my Bestest friend) and I are in the second car, both in the backseat. E is ahead of us in her bright red eclipse and we are stopped much more than usual on a Friday night around 1 am.

We are waiting back there thinking, “what the heck is going on?” and all of a sudden E throws the gear shift in and spins out and turns around, breaks squealing. Wow. We follow her back down the road, where we stop at a small country church parking lot to see what happened.

She is livid. Apparaently she is carrying her dads owner pass and Perry (the chronic mastrubating guard) will not let us in because she doesn’t have a guest pass and her name is not on the owner’s list, becuase it is her dad. E’s lot is now a hot spot and we can’t use it to get in because he checked it on the map.

We are all very pissed at this point and do not know what to do because we drove all the way up to camp and we better be camping. We think things over and decide that the best way to get through the gate is to minimize the number of people we have, use the second car that is not the red eclipse and hide everything we need in the trunk.

After making all of the arrangements, we decide to put K in the trunk with all of the stuff, I will drive. Liz will sit with me in the front seat because he did not see either of us in all of the confusion, and the other four will walk through the woods a short distance and we will pick them up on the other side of the gate on the main road. This time we are going to use E’s cousins lot number as our target seeming that she was with us. Although she has a very long name and its kind of hard to spell I had to pretend to be her and get this man to let us in with the only pass we have which is an owner’s pass.

We slowly drive down the road, back to the gate, in J’s white honda civic, we had to leave half of our stuff behind in the eclipse and so basically our only priority at this point was us and the alcohol. We stop at the gate and wait for Perry (the chronic masturbator) to turn on the light at the gate house and walk out. I look at him, smile and hand over my owners pass.

“Good evening,” I say confidently letting my hands rest on the steering wheel. I tell him the lot number of where we are headed and then I tell him its located in Cicilic circle.

He asked me if I have my driver’s license with me. I say yes and hand it to him, and then he takes the license and goes into the gate house to look me up. While he is gone I slowly grab liz’s arm, barely moving and whisper, “we are so screwd.”

In my head I was absolutely freaking out! He had my license that did not match the name of the person on the list and I had nothing else to show him. We were only thinking the worst.

He slowly walks back outside and hands me the license saying that that name is not showing up, and that he has no record of it. Spur of the moment I smile my biggest smile, calmly, and look up to him. “I know why its not on there.” I say still smiling. “I’m just recently married and my license is changed now. I go on to spell out E’s cousin’s last name and he turns to go back inside and check that.

When he leaves the second time, I turn slightly to Liz and she gives me a look of terror. I said “what, what is it?”

She says. “you spelled her name wrong and its citka circle not cicilic circle. OMG.”

“shit.” Here he comes we can’t talk. He walks back to the car and we hold our breath.

“How do you spell the name again?” He asks. Liz silently tells me the letters and I spell the name again this time telling him the lot is located off of Citka Circle.

He nodds and walks back into the gate house.

A minute later he comes back and says, Ahhh, I must have spelled it wrong. I found it. Next time you come make sure you bring a gas bill or something that identifies who you are so its much easier. Have a great night ladies.

Slowly we drive off from the gate smiling and thanking him. Just around the corner I floor it and we just start laughing hysterically. We stop on the side of the road and let K out of the trunk then we speed to the campsite to drop everything off so when we pick up the other four people there will be enough room.

After we pick them up, we tell them the whole story and add that Liz flashed him to get us through the gate. We are all in hysterics and drive back to the campsite where K is setting everything up. We barely have anything now, most of our stuff is back at the eclipse on the side of the road, so we make due with one tiny lantern, and immediately start chugging the alcohol, no extra clothes.

The rest of the night was priceless, the entire time we talked about Cicilic Circle and how ridiculous we all were. Here’s to one of the best nights with some of the best friends 🙂

Confessions of a Writer<3