Camping! Hopeville State Pond, Connecticut.

What do you do when you are in Newport RI for two months in the summer?! Find a place to go CAMPING! There are tons of places to go hiking and camping around RI, especially since the Appalachian trail is just a short drive away. I started scheming almost immediately. I really like planning trips so I asked some of the guys in my class if they would be interested in camping. They said yes, so I set to work finding a time and a place. P, one of the guys in the class also helped me plan and he did some research as well when I was in Boston.

I walked to the MWR outdoor recreation center on the Newport Naval Base and got a pamphlet with a listing of all the available equipment you could rent. Between four of us we rented everything we needed to camp for the weekend, sleeping bags, tents, tables, chairs, etc. + Kayaks for $105. That’s very cheap. We found the place, which was called Hopeville State Pond only about an hour drive from Newport but in Connecticut. The guys got fishing license’s so they could do some fishing at which time I did some sun bathing out on the beach and we had ourselves a great weekend in the woods.

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On the drive up it started to rain which was not ideal but once we got to the camp site we were able to set most of our stuff up before it got really bad and two of stayed back while the other two went to get wood and we made dinner. Brats with baked beans and chips. Delicious.

The next morning we set out on our kayaks and to my surprise half of the lake was covered in lilly pads. I’ve never seen so many. It was brilliant and beautiful. A great way to spend the day out on the lake. We even saw people jumping off this rickety bridge that led across the water and monkey see monkey do. We immediately beached our kayaks and went to take a try. That was really fun. On the way back we stopped at a beach a little ways up the river from our camp site and joined in with all of the people swimming. Then we headed back to our site and I laid out on a much smaller beach down the way while the guys went fishing. I called M and we chatted. It was lazy but perfect day all in all. We ended it with mountain pies by the fire, cigars, and the warm blaze of burning embers late into the night. When we were falling asleep in our chairs we went to bed and talked late into the night about the Game of Thrones because one of the guys has also read that series and I am on the second book so we analyzed the characters and talked about the show. I enjoy days like these very much!

Camping + Star Trek.

Good combonation right? Talking about Camp, one of my favorite places on Earth, and giving a Star Trek movie review all in one post. You just got to go with the flow on this page I guess, because that’s what I feel like writing about.

One of my favorite smells is that of a camp fire. I love camping. I don’t care how dirty I get, how nasty things are, if you can’t rough it then you need new priorities. When I go camping, I love the company of people I am around because these are all of my childhood friends, and I love the atmosphere. Everyone there is happy, we relax, we eat ALOT, we drink, and we do everything on a whim. There are no plans. Whatever happens happens and that’s the way I like it.

I also like laying out on a hammock and having serious conversations with my friends for life because they are the only people that really understand me. When I talk with them they give me good advice, they tell me straight up if I’m wrong and they don’t hold back. I love that.

We always bring up the fact that after we all went our separate ways in college we weren’t able to find true friends like the ones we left back home. This is so unfortunate because I wish I could make friends like them, it just doesn’t work that way. Although I was able to make one friend that would have been in my group of friends had she lived near me growing up. Nobody else fits our circle. This is sad but very true.

Overall, my memorial day was awesome. I am already home now getting ready to help my family do yard work and I can’t wait till next Monday! Why you ask? Because I have a plane ticket to HAWAII and I just can’t wait to GOOO!!!

In other news:


I meant to post this last week after I saw the movie but some how the days have been flying by and I haven’t had time till now.

After seeing the Star Trek movie I can only say I was really really impressed. I, a person who has never even watched an episode and know little to nothing about Star Trek, went to see the movie and loved it! I loved all of the characters and I loved all of the action. The story plot was good, a little hard to interperet at times, but defintiely my kind of movie.

Everybody is loving Chris Plank (Captian Kirk) but I’m not going to lie I was a huge fan of Spock. I mean not really the bowl cut and ears but his physique was Amazing! When I was watching him walk off screen and just his quiet actions I decided I would totally do him. He’s also really smart and I can’t help but fall for a total nerd. ha.

Overall this movie is bomb and I want to see it again before it leaves theatre’s. I can definitely see myself buying it.

Confessions of a Writer<3

I’m Back…

Can I just tell you that I spent 6 days completely shut away from any media, phones, computers, electronic devices [besides my ipod], and I couldn’t have been happier. The only bad thing was that I was itching to check my blog and it was one of the first things I did when I re-entered civilization. I know, total nerd.

Surprisingly I’ve had more hits in this past week then in my blog history. weird. So I took a crap load of photos and spent a very peaceful week in the wilderness doing some of my favorite things. I didn’t even know the time for five days in a row. yess. Although I didn’t take a shower for 7 [which is extremely disgusting] I still would do it again in a heartbeat.

On recap, you can hear all about my trip as I give a day by day account… day by day. go figure.

So, Recap Day 1:

We drove, and we drove, and we drove some more. For 10 hours. It was painful but I had my ipod, my relaxation book (a diary of a japanese doctor who lived through the atomic bomb on Hiroshima), and I got to know 10 people I would be enjoying my spring break trip with. Who were all extremely cool by the way.

When we finally arrived at the savage gulf, we got everything out of the UHAUL and went to set up camp for the night. The real journey would begin in the morning.

Some Amusement along the way:

My friend and I both used back packs from our dads instead of signing one out through the university. We found out this night that our packs both came from the 70’s, Kelty brand, with wire frames. Hilarious. M had an instruction pamphlet and the guy in the pictures was a total hippie. Everyone was laughing and was shocked by our blast from the past style. If that’s not enough, they found it extremely hillarious that our tent was one of those triangle tents from the 70’s as well that M insisted that we bring. Immediately we became known as Team Retro and the jokes just kept on coming.

Examples: “Hey guys, what time does the disco party start?”

“Is that a seat belt that you are using to fasten around your waist?”

Everyone had good humor I must admit very funny stuff.

We set up camp, made dinner, and then we sat around the fire telling stories until everyone one by one slowly went to bed. Overall a good day.

After dinner four of us [there were 12 people in our group] went down to the stream to wash our bowls and dishes. One person noted that the stars looked extremely bright in the night without lights around. We star gazed for a good while pointing out different constellations and such, and then, right in front of our eyes there was a shooting star with was very bright and one of the best ones I’ve ever seen.

When we went to bed, it started raining and the pitter patter of the drops hitting and running down our tent put me right to sleep.

Confessions of a Writer<3

Cicilic Circle

So, I thought I would share this story with you because its too funny and my friends and I are crazy and I love it. haha.

About three years ago, over easter break, six of my friends and me decided to go camping at my friend E’s campsite. We had two cars because there were 7 of us all together and we packed everything we needed, Food, Lanterns, ALCOHOL, more Alcohol, sleeping bags, blankets, the works. Because it was still early spring the electric up at the camp site was not turned on and we had to prepare for all of these things.

Now let me tell you alittle bit of something about getting into the campsite. At the gate there is a 24 hour watch, in which you have to stop and present your pass to get into the site. We arrive, drive up to the gate and Liz (my Bestest friend) and I are in the second car, both in the backseat. E is ahead of us in her bright red eclipse and we are stopped much more than usual on a Friday night around 1 am.

We are waiting back there thinking, “what the heck is going on?” and all of a sudden E throws the gear shift in and spins out and turns around, breaks squealing. Wow. We follow her back down the road, where we stop at a small country church parking lot to see what happened.

She is livid. Apparaently she is carrying her dads owner pass and Perry (the chronic mastrubating guard) will not let us in because she doesn’t have a guest pass and her name is not on the owner’s list, becuase it is her dad. E’s lot is now a hot spot and we can’t use it to get in because he checked it on the map.

We are all very pissed at this point and do not know what to do because we drove all the way up to camp and we better be camping. We think things over and decide that the best way to get through the gate is to minimize the number of people we have, use the second car that is not the red eclipse and hide everything we need in the trunk.

After making all of the arrangements, we decide to put K in the trunk with all of the stuff, I will drive. Liz will sit with me in the front seat because he did not see either of us in all of the confusion, and the other four will walk through the woods a short distance and we will pick them up on the other side of the gate on the main road. This time we are going to use E’s cousins lot number as our target seeming that she was with us. Although she has a very long name and its kind of hard to spell I had to pretend to be her and get this man to let us in with the only pass we have which is an owner’s pass.

We slowly drive down the road, back to the gate, in J’s white honda civic, we had to leave half of our stuff behind in the eclipse and so basically our only priority at this point was us and the alcohol. We stop at the gate and wait for Perry (the chronic masturbator) to turn on the light at the gate house and walk out. I look at him, smile and hand over my owners pass.

“Good evening,” I say confidently letting my hands rest on the steering wheel. I tell him the lot number of where we are headed and then I tell him its located in Cicilic circle.

He asked me if I have my driver’s license with me. I say yes and hand it to him, and then he takes the license and goes into the gate house to look me up. While he is gone I slowly grab liz’s arm, barely moving and whisper, “we are so screwd.”

In my head I was absolutely freaking out! He had my license that did not match the name of the person on the list and I had nothing else to show him. We were only thinking the worst.

He slowly walks back outside and hands me the license saying that that name is not showing up, and that he has no record of it. Spur of the moment I smile my biggest smile, calmly, and look up to him. “I know why its not on there.” I say still smiling. “I’m just recently married and my license is changed now. I go on to spell out E’s cousin’s last name and he turns to go back inside and check that.

When he leaves the second time, I turn slightly to Liz and she gives me a look of terror. I said “what, what is it?”

She says. “you spelled her name wrong and its citka circle not cicilic circle. OMG.”

“shit.” Here he comes we can’t talk. He walks back to the car and we hold our breath.

“How do you spell the name again?” He asks. Liz silently tells me the letters and I spell the name again this time telling him the lot is located off of Citka Circle.

He nodds and walks back into the gate house.

A minute later he comes back and says, Ahhh, I must have spelled it wrong. I found it. Next time you come make sure you bring a gas bill or something that identifies who you are so its much easier. Have a great night ladies.

Slowly we drive off from the gate smiling and thanking him. Just around the corner I floor it and we just start laughing hysterically. We stop on the side of the road and let K out of the trunk then we speed to the campsite to drop everything off so when we pick up the other four people there will be enough room.

After we pick them up, we tell them the whole story and add that Liz flashed him to get us through the gate. We are all in hysterics and drive back to the campsite where K is setting everything up. We barely have anything now, most of our stuff is back at the eclipse on the side of the road, so we make due with one tiny lantern, and immediately start chugging the alcohol, no extra clothes.

The rest of the night was priceless, the entire time we talked about Cicilic Circle and how ridiculous we all were. Here’s to one of the best nights with some of the best friends 🙂

Confessions of a Writer<3