I ran, I ran, and I ran some more.

A little bit about my weekend:

well, I definitely went to see B. Spears on Friday night and was extremely impressed by the performance. Even the Pussycat dolls did an awesome job. I was never planning on going to the concert and I’ve never been to a Britney Spears concert so I guess there is a first for everything. They went with the circus theme for the concert and that was a great choice because it was very entertaining. I almost forgot I was at B. Spears’s concert and I almost thought I was really at a circus.

MTV Awards Show

In between sets when she would change they would have performers come out and put on little shows. Overall very well done. My favorite was when a woman came out with two very built men and they had a board. She would step on the board and then the two men would lift it up to their shoulders. This board was not straight though, it was flimsy and would dip down with the woman’s weight. Then, they would bounce the board for her and she would fly up into the air, do two front flips and then land back onto the board. They would move to where she was, catch her, and then the board would dip down and they would bring it back up. I was mesmorized. Totally freaking out. That was crazy. Awesome job!

After the concert there was obviously a shit ton of traffic and I knew I wouldn’t be leaving any time soon so I ended up tailgating with a whole group of women that were in front of my car. They had a lot of food and it was quite delicious.

When I finally arrived back to M’s house I went straight to sleep and we had to wake up at 6:30 AM for the half marathon! 13.1 miles. WOW. I was extremely nervous. This was my first one. What if I suck and I couldn’t run the full 13 miles?!?

The first mile was awful, it was all up hill and pretty hard to run all the way up although I did pull through, then we did a loop through the starting point and next came a five mile loop, then finally the same five mile loop again for the thirteen miles. I did walk at short intervals during the race because it was hard to keep running and finish. Somehow, I pulled through and we finished at 2:36:47. Yes, I know that is not the best time but it was my first one and I’m damn proud. M could have ran much faster but  I held her back and she was kind enough to stick with me. 🙂

Overall an awesome day. I got my medal, and now I’m sitting here on Sunday morning… in bed. This is where I plan to be for the rest of the day. I have a research paper to work on anyway. Hopefully my body will stop hurting soon.

Its hard to believe that I am running a marathon in just one month. Wowsers.

Confessions of a Writer<3


Yes, I previously stated that I would be giving a play by play of my spring break adventure but this is BIG BIG BIG news. This means that the spring break account continues tomorrow, and today I just re-tell a series of events like a chicken with my head chopped off.

First of all: I did send a letter of petition to the navy for my allergy of uncooked eggs and I did receive another disapproval and an official letter of disqualification because of the possibility of anaphilaxic shock to said uncooked eggs. Disheartening I know, but I scraped my dream off of the cement like anyone else who’s been in my same situation. Life does go on, just a different way you know.


It all began at exactly 11:47 am. I was at work and I recieved a call from a number I don’t have stored in my phone. I am not one of those people who won’t answer their phone because I don’t know the number but we were busy, and so I was unable to take the call and a minute later I recieved a voicemail.

As soon as I got a quick break I ran back and called my voicemail. As it turns out it was a special investigator calling to set a time to meet up with me so that he could start my security investigation and I needed to fill out some extra papers before everything proceeded.

Woa. Hold the phone. I’ve been disqualified, why are they proceeding on with my security investigation? I called the man back and told him just this. Apparently no one had informed him that I am unable to continue on with my application and so he was proceeding like everything was fine. I explained the situation and he said that he would freeze my investigation and talk to someone at the naval office until he found out how to move forward. I thanked him and told him I would let him know as soon as I myself found out.

Upon ending the conversation, I called my naval contact and told him what had happened. He said that since everything happened only two days agom, not everyone had found out yet and they still needed to contact some people. I asked him, that if I went to see an allergist and got some skin tests done what kind of a chance would I still have to get back in. He said a very good one and he also said that someone had professionally recommended me and so I also had a 99% chance of getting commissioned if this worked out.

This excited me very very much. I got off the phone with him and called a friend to look up allergists phone numbers in the area so that I could make an appointment. They let me leave work early since there we weren’t very busy and there was extra help so I left and immediately started calling the allergists from the list M gave me.

There were only four so it didn’t take long. The first 3 said they couldn’t help me, but the fourth one, she was immensly helpful. She explained everything to me, told me about my insurance, set up an appointment and really lifted my spirits. I was quite flustered and she asked me if I was just having one of those days. I said yes, I was extrememely stressed and just wanted everything to work out. She then stated that she could make my day 10 times better and told me that she was getting a divorce and filing for bankruptcy. YIKES! She was surprisingly cheerful about all of it and in a much better state then I can say for myself if I were ever to be in that position. Men.

In the end I worked everything out over the span of an hour, I have an appointment for this Friday, and I’ll be finding out the direction of my future. Freak Out. I’m so excited I can’t wait.

On a Much Lighter Note: I’ve been bamboozled into going to the Brittany Spears concert on Friday. Some of my friends just ended up with an extra ticket and they begged me to go till I conceeded. I won’t even deny it, I’m quite excited.

Also, on Saturday, I’m running a half Marathon. Double Freak Out. I guess I’ll see how I do and if I’ll have the stamina to keep going for the full marathon next month. M and I have matching outfits and I do believe it should be a very good time. Woo for 13.1 miles. Bring it on.

Confessions of a Writer<3