My First Deployment!

The Deployment Chronicles Begins. Check out the Adventures of my first Deployment by clicking any of the articles below to read in full!

Countries I visited: Portsmouth England, Cypress Greece, Haifa Israel, Djibouti, Jeddah, Bahrain, Dubai, Salalah Oman, and Rome.

Article 1 “And so it begins…”

Article 2 “Seasickness isn’t for the weak”

Article 3 “The Brits”

Article 4 “Portsmouth England News Article”

Article 5 “Bloodhound Award Follow Up!”

Article 6 “London”

Article 7 “Dancing Penguin”

Article 8 “The Rock”

Article 9 “Cyprus Greece”

Article 10 “Haifa Israel”

Article 11 “Pirates.. Arrgh!”

Article 12 “OOD Letter Achieved”

Article 13 “Life at Sea”

Article 14 “Bahrain #1”

Article 15 “Bahrain #2”

Article 16 “Bahrain #3”

Article 17 “Bahrain #4”

Article 18 “Bahrain #5”

Article 19 “A Rescue”

“The picture above is taken straight from the news article.”

Article 20 “Fighter Jets, Woosh!”

Article 21 “DUBAI”

Article 22 “This Girl Got Pinned!”

Article 23 “The Seven Seas!”

Article 24 “Pirate Update”

 Article 25 “I jumped overboard… FOR SWIM CALL”

Article 26 “Salalah Oman”

Article 27 “Idea Gone Bad”

Article 28 “Promotion to LTJG Woot Woot!”

Article 29 “Rome<3!”

Article 30 “Coming Home”

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