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I’m sorry that I have neglected you over the past 9 months. My site has been going through some major upgrades and I want you to know that I have moved away from to, for better design capability. I actually had an auto direct to my new site until my domain expired this month and it was helpful but not to my followers because I didn’t get to tell you ahead of time what was happening.

My new website is located here. and I go by the Dynamic Soarer now.

If you are interested please check it out and if you’d like follow the new blog. I’ve been to quite a few places since I was last able to update this so feel free to look around and I can’t wait to here some of your comments. Let me know if you like it better or what I could do to make it more user-friendly. I’m always looking for new ideas.

Thanks for your patience and please Enjoy!

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He was a bold man that first ate an Oyster!–> Kashima Oyster Festival!!


OYSHI OYSHI! Meaning delicious in Japan also explains how amazing the Oyster festival is! How often are you able to buy a huge bag of oysters, some rice triangles, hot dogs, and corn on the cob to grill for yourself for less than 20 bucks? The oysters themselves would be almost $40 in the U.S. Out here in Japan they are collected by the bucket load so no need to worry.

At the Kashima harbor park we bought our oysters, some beer, and the other foods mentioned above and we had ourselves a delightful afternoon cooking oysters on the grill, listening while they sizzle and when they finally pop they are ready to be pried open and eaten. I was wearing protective gloves because the coals become very hot and oyster shells are no joke in the heat. We munched for a good two hours on oysters, corn, and rice triangles. The Japanese were loving it! The oyster festival lasts the entire month of November in Sasebo and we had been so busy we barely made it the last weekend they were holding it. Lucky us! If I’m in town next year I’ll be back and that’s a fact.

So Good!


Splash Studio. Drinks && Art


It was time to get SERIOUS!!! My cousin K8t is quite the artist and she lives in downtown Milwaukee. They happened to be having an art festival on one of our last days in Wisconsin so of course we hit the streets and bought jewelry and a few artful things. They were even having live bands in the park and fried corn. It made for a very satisfying afternoon. She told us that she wanted to take us to one of her favorite places on the strip, a place called Splash studio, where you drink and produce art. I will immediate let you know, that my family and I are not the artists of modern-day or any day. We decided to oblige because the idea of drinks and painting sounded fun enough.

When we arrived we put on aprons, ordered drinks, and hit the ground running. They set up portraits for all of us, which were much tinier than the pictures above, but we all went to town. It turned out to be VERY fun.


The artist on the Left, and me on the right.

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Still deciding what to draw, it was a very hard decision.

After I started my mini portrait I think I changed my mind on what I wanted to draw a good 10 times. I was being very indecisive but so was everyone else and overall I think that they all turned out great. Here’s all of us below!

The mom’s didn’t participate because they wanted to drink and talk while we made our master pieces.Overall this was a HUGE success and I’d recommend it to anybody who wants something off the beaten path. We laughed hysterically, drank beers, and enjoyed each others company, and all for under $15. It doesn’t get much better than that!

My “You’re Moving to Japan in a Week” SURPRISE PARTAY!


They sooo got me! My tricky family. It was a few days before the end of our trip in Wisconsin and my dad asked me if I wanted to go see a movie. I said sure and he told me he wanted to see “Moonrise Kingdom”. I had never even heard of that movie? But I agreed none the less. Well everyone was giving us a hard time about it saying why wasn’t I invited and all that jazz. I actually started feeling bad and I was like should they come dad? He said no, just he and I were going. On the day of the movie, our plans were to go out, see the movie, and then come back and go to a fish fry with everybody. (One of my mom’s most favorite things to eat). Dad told me we were leaving early for the movie, so we headed out and off we were.

To be completely honest with you, the movie was horrible. Ugh. I will never be seeing that movie again. I was waiting and waiting for something spectacular to happen with it but it just never did. I think my dad felt the same way too. On the way back he told me to call my sister and let her know we were just down the road by the Pick N’ Save and we would be picking them up in just a few minutes. I called her and told her that and then a few minutes later we pulled into the driveway.

At this point I should have noticed all of the extra cars in the driveway but what I immediately noticed was that my cousin’s boyfriends truck was parked in front of the mailbox center. He always gets yelled at about that so I jumped out of the car and ran up the walkway to go and tell him that he was parked in the wrong spot before my Aunt saw. He drew my attention just enough that I didn’t even notice everyone else’s cars.

When I walked into the house no one was around and I started screaming everybody’s name. Where were they?! Then I saw a couple of shadows out on the back deck. My uncle is quite the goofster so this didn’t faze me any. They were hiding out there waiting for me to come find them for the fish fry. I opened up the back door and walked outside and they all screamed “SURPRISE!” My first thought was “What? Does this mean we aren’t going to the fish fry?” They caught the whole thing on video. It looked ridiculous when I saw it later. And so the party ensued.

My aunt had made all Japanese food (and picked up some sushi at the market) and they were all wearing japanese hats she had gotten on E-bay.  They even decorated with dragons and lanterns. It was a great night! I love my family!

All of the women, doing what we do best. Being Awesome.

A small group of us.

Where are all of the fellas? I guess they didn’t make these shots.

My cousin doing what she does best.


There was a lot of laughing this night.

And Dancing around.


My sister getting up close and personal.

Yummm, Fried rice, egg rolls, sushi, orange chicken, and drinks**

Everybody loves food!

Best part of the party. An Insert Face here Sumo wrestler.


And this is why my family is so awesome, because they always pull through. This was definitely a night to remember and it was EXACTLY what I needed right before  the end of my leave and before my new journey was about to begin.

I can’t wait!

Pontoon Boats + Family = An Amazing Day!

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I finished the last class required by my orders at the end of July and my report date to my new ship was the last day in August so it was time for some serious Rest and Relaxation. At my last class I learned how to embark and debark marines and we actually planned a fake mission to secure an area of land. It was definitely very cool and new all at the same time. There were even marines in the class so we had to work together which was a totally different aspect then what I am used to.


My Seesters and I!

As soon as we received our certificates I was already packed and ready to go so I took one last look at Norfolk and headed for home. My family had already started the drive to Wisconsin where we were all going on vacation to see my Aunt and Uncle and cousins. M was going home for the weekend as well so I was staying with her and then flying out the next evening en route Wisconsin. We talked ALOT. We talk alot in general but we knew it was going to be awhile before we saw each other again so we talked especially long. I talked so much my voice was hoarse the whole next day. We went to Phip’s Conservatory in the morning because I haven’t been there since I was a little kid and then we ate tons of ice cream because that’s something we do very well together, and then she took me to the airport. It was a very sad moment for me. We have been best friends since we met -1 day at WVU (it was the night before the first day of classes when we realized that we had the same first class and decided to walk there together).

I flew into Wisconsin that night and then the fun really began. I family is crazy, in a very good way, and it is always a GREAT time when we all get together. The second day I was there we went out on a Pontoon Boat and sailed all through Milwaukee stopping at The Horny Goat to get mohito’s and Barnacle Buds for some amazing sea food. It was so yummy! We stuffed ourselves to the max and washed it all down with corona’s. It was truly a great day. Throughout the week there were many things planned and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We took long bike rides, we watched a ton of the summer olympics. This is the first time I even began to understand the olympics. It was awesome I was on vacation and was able to watch so much of it. I even saw my new favorite event which is the rhythmic gymnastics. I watched the rowing competitions, archery, gymnastics, swimming, horse back riding, all of it. Here are some pictures from the first few days…




“This is your captain speaking” My favorite quote of the day, and one I used often.


“Journalism is the First Rough Draft of History”: NEWSEUM

“Journalism is the first rough draft of history.” -Philip Graham

In case you’re wondering I’m quite the sucker for a good museum. I love em. Since I have been able to travel to D.C. a lot over the past few years, I always try to stop and look at some of the sites or go to some of the museums with M. My favorite museum of all is the Spy Museum but next to it, I’d probably go with the NEWSEUM. I was able to go there are on my last weekend in DC with M before I took leave and headed to Japan. It was amazing! This is coming from too very active nerds though. haha. We started our tour off with a look at one of the towers found on the Berlin wall. The berlin wall just a smidge before my time, I was a tiny baby when that world news was happening, so it was very interesting to see and hear some of the drama.

A Watch Tower from the Berlin Wall

An indication of where you were in relation to the wall.

The day the wall Fell.

Graffiti on the Wall

I would say this is a very sad museum. The only happy exhibit I saw was about one of the greatest sports photographers John Rooney. Those were some of the happiest photos in the entire museum and I have a feeling its because most news reports are looking for the shock and awe factor, which has always led to very serious and sad stories.


Newspapers from every Country talking about the Terrorist Attack

Fisheye view.

The tippy top of one of the tower that was recovered from the wreckage

A picture of all the photographers who have lost their lives doing what they love best over the past years

There are many different exhibits that i have not talked about at the NEWSEUM. The two that were the most emotional for me, were the 9/11 exhibit, and the Pulitzer prize winners photographers. Most of those photographs were about impending doom of something or pictures of moments frozen in time right before someones death or right after some giant disaster. It was very moving too see and when I left the entire rest of the day I felt this ache in my heart. It was very emotional.