*America’s Cup*, Newport 2012

When the America’s Cup events started, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it to the races but my sea-faring soul couldn’t stay away from the bay and on the final day, I spent the whole day in the heart of fort adams on the sidelines for the final races. Now I am qualified officer of the deck so I have an idea of rules of the road and how to maneuver. What I didn’t know much about is the rules of sailing, what you can and can’t do, and the penalties involved.

The best part about the day was the announcer. He explained everything so well and while the races were happening we were getting over head coverage from a helicopter on bridge to bridge. The announcer was telling us the layout of the race, where the start and finish was, what was happening and why people were getting penalties and what they had to do before continuing on in the course. He was so helpful that I actually was able to keep up with the race and it was very entertaining.

I was standing on the port (left) side of the track, right in the middle, which was very good since I was getting a lot of the action and I could see the start and finish. A few collisions with sail boats even happened right in front of me which was very exciting. I took a video of the final minutes of the last race, but I don’t have video uploading ability yet.

I did, however, get some very good shots of the sail boats during the race and will include them for your viewing pleasure. Overall I have to rate this day a 9.5 for the excitement, for the oysters which were o-so-delicious, and for the pure authenticity of the event. I had to take off .5 however, because it took me over an hour and a half to get out of Fort Adams and another 35 minutes to get back to the Marriott because of bad planning and bad weather.

FACT: If you are the largest sponsor for one of the teams then you get a chance at riding on the tail end of that sail boat during the race. To even the playing field you must be a certain weight or under and whatever the difference is, sand bags are added to even out the playing field from ship to ship. I could definitely get into this sport, even though it is definitely a high-class kind of thing.

Polo Match, Fancy Shmancy*

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[“Dating back more than 130 years in Newport, the polo matches are a unique and popular summertime tradition, open to the public.  Audiences of several thousand spectators enjoy cheering for the international guests, as well as teams representing major US cities and of course the home team.    Advanced ticket sales are available online; tickets are also sold at the entry gates on game day, opening at 1pm.  The polo matches will run continuously every Saturday from June through September”]

(Click the link above to access the website where this paragraph was retrieved)

NEWPORT VS. PHILADELPHIA: The entire article and the play-by-play action can be accessed from the article to your left. I wouldn’t have been able to give the game justice but the short play-by-play posted on the website made me feel like I was back there again. Although Philadelphia won the match in overtime, the entire game was fantastic and an “on the edge of your seat” sort of ordeal. It was a great first polo match for me and at the games end there was hearty clapping all around the field because it had been such a well-played game.

If I am new to the sport then M & A are very new because they had never attended a polo match in Russia. I was able to introduce them to their first plate of oysters which as always, were as delicious as ever and we wore hats and had ourselves a grand time while enjoying the game. We did get sunburned though which always happens to me so I should be used to it by now, but over all, it was a grand day in Newport.


Awww, look at this guy, he’s playing polo. Adorable!

O and by the way, at the match I was also introduced to Alex and Ani, which is a brand of bangles which are really great to have any wear. I ended up going to their store downtown and I bought a few of their brackets and if you like bracelets I definitely recommend you check these out.



And So it Begins…

Today is a very big day for Pittsburgh hockey fanatics. Today is the day we shall engage in a repeat finale of last year in which we were defeated by the Detroit Red Wings in game 6. The new fight for Lord Stanely’s cup is on and it begins tonight at approximately 8 pm and boy should it be great. Game 1 can only show us the defining moments and steps both teams will take on their way to that final prize, the one victory, and nothing less.

This is the first championship rematch in 25 years and we are ready to kick some Detriot red wing Ass. There will be no octipus thrown in Pittsburgh this series nor any day after. We are psyced, we are ready, and we want to show Hosa why he made such a bad choice in leaving the Pen’s and moving to the red wing’s. We want to hold that cup and just give him a small smile to show that maybe the money was plentiful but the rewards in the end, just didn’t make bank.

All of the fun set aside, it is definitley time to get nothing less than very serious. We need to play hard, we need to play rough, and we need to dominate as many games on their ice as possible. No messing around.

stanley cupWe definitley need to do Alot of This.

NHL/We need to stop this.

red wings pensWe need to own them as many times as we can like this.

red wings pens huddleAnd we really need to talk about the ingenius moves were going to make just like this.

There you have it, a 4 step recipe to success.

Now let’s go out there and D-O-M-I-N-A-T-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Soooo Excited!!! I cannot wait to bring the pen’s back for a Monday night game at the mellon arena vs. the Washington Capitols. The only problem I have is Gonchar’s injury. Please let him be okay!

Right now we are in a very good position. The series is 3-2 Pens. Lets just hope we end it at home and move on to bigger and better things. haha. LET’S GO PENS!

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Capitals Vs. Pen’s Game 2 Review.


**Before I even start this review you must know that there is a very big influence in my hockey thoughts as I watch the games with my friend. He actually happens to watch hockey, breath hockey, eat hockey, play hockey, scream hockey, etc. He’s an all around know everything about hockey kind of guy. When I am watching the games alone in my apartment I never pick on the little things. When I watch the games at his apartment with his huge ass screen TV I don’t miss a thing and I enjoy his views on things. We think a like, when I keep up with his pace that is. Crazily, he called every single goal of last nights game. Every. Single. One. (well, maybe not the first one) Which I feel, is very impressive. He can sense bad vibes and good vibes. He is my influence for this article right now as the series goes into overdrive.

And so we end game two in Washington with a little less enthusiasm then could be hoped for. Now we play these bitches again Wednesday but at home on our own turf. It is imperative that we win the next two games and then take it back to Washington to be up 3-0 because Washington gets the last game of the series at home and as of right now they have been manipulating the game play well with their home field advantage.


Crosby started off the goal setting making it 1-0 very similar to game one but they were holding up very well the entire first period not allowing anyone to just come in there and F them up.

Jordan Stahl, whom does NOT get enough credit dominates Ovechkin every freaking time. The Caps knew this and tried to keep it to their advantage which they did and they did well. Every time Ovechkin was put on the ice the next change Stahl would come out. Ovechkin was actually being a little bitch about it, getting pissed, pushing him around, ridiculous. Stahl did not let that boy score once. Every single time, there was no way for Ovechkin to do it. But… as fate would have it, caps get the first switch on the line everytime and with this advantage there were times when Stahl was unable to be opposing Ovechkin. bullshit. So, he was able to score… three times, and bring home Game 2 for the caps. Don’t underestimate Stahl. We got big surprises Wednesday, big surprises.

The Umbrella Setup: The Pens are loving the Umbrella setup. Three people on Point and two at goal. Is this the recipe to success? Let’s hope so.

Gonchar: O my, Gonchar is making wanders. Unfortunately for him, he did not score a goal, but it was not because of a lack of effort. The one save that Varlamov made, which I felt was the best of the night, robbed Gonchar of a potential tie winning goal. Gonchar got lucky because of a deflection off of another stick of the goal post and he was set up for magic. When he went in for the kill, he killt. He bashed that puck right at the goal post. He hit it so hard that when Varlamov went to catch it the puck almost skimmed all the way over his glove with how far his hand flew. That was probably one of the best saves of the night… if not the best save. Gonchar was setup regularly and when we bring Game 3 back to Mellon Arena we should get him the puck more often. With his persistance and his want for that goal, he’ll make it happen.

Crosby, Kunitz, & Guerin: Definitely Show Stoppin. These guys are golden. I chose this line over Semen’s line any day of the week. Every time they went against each other Pen’s did not disappoint. Bring that shit to game three boys, because that’s what will make us victor’s in the next two games at home.


Sekora: Man you are really off your game. Everytime you grab ahold of that puck the shots are so random and crazy, not a goal winning moment.  Its okay though. You’ve got this. Take a deep breath and come in to game three ready to go.

David Steckel: Okay so this guy got a goal which was the difference for the win. Do we really need to worry about him? no. Should he be the reason we get scared and upset about the loss? no. Forget him. He’s just Steckel. We have bigger fish to fry.

First line change: Yeah that sucked but we have home advantage Game 3.


Ovechkin: You are such a little pussy. Get off it. You are also nothing but an attention grabbing, piece of shit talking, toothless, little bitch. What’s with the bright yellow laces. Obviously you are needed ALOT of attention and will find any little way to get it. Come off it. Yes, you play VERY good hockey, nobody disputes that, but you need to tone it down.

Stop pretending like people hit you in the face, either get hit or play on. The next time you play the bitch card I really hope that somebody goes out there, punches you right in the face and makes you loose even more of your teeth. This is pretty bad coming from me, because I think that your teeth are the most precious part of your face. So, we’ll just see how wonderful you are at game 3, when you have nothing but Stahl in the face. Thanks.

There you have it. So lets bring Game 3 home, and let’s own their asses. What do you say?

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The Pain is Soo Worth it–> Country Music Marathon!

And so I finished it! The most amazing experience. I completed the Rock and Roll Country Music Marathon in Nashville Tennessee on April 25th 2009. The entire ride home, and let me tell you it was a lonnng ass ride, I relived the experience in my life and if there’s any chance that I’ll be around next year I’m going back and running the half.

On race day we were awake at 4:45 am and we were flocking in with all of the 31,ooo other racers by 5:45am as we headed to the start. There were people everywhere it was so big. The excitement rang in the air as racers stretched and prepared for the race. I was so nervous I thought I was going to vomit and I had butterflies in my stomach three miles after the start.

When the race did start we were so far back that it took forty five minutes for us to cross the start because it was insanely packed and they only were letting a few thousand go at a time.

After the start of the race I was loving it. The spectator’s were awesome. The bands were okay and I was loving the entire vibe of the whole thing. When we ran over bridges that lead to the highway all of the cars below were honking at us and I was loving it.

At mile 14 though there were some difficulties and I started freaking out. At the split almost everyone went on the 1/2 marathon route and well that was kind of sad. I didn’t want everyone to leave and I didn’t want to take that route with only two other people at the time. So, I took the split and said a silent goodbye to everyone else as I continued on the journey,

As I said before mile 14 wasn’t a good one and this is what happened. As I was going down the hill right after the split, both of my legs completely cramped up and it was so bad I fell and was flopping around like a fish out of water. It was slightly embarassing but my thoughts only were I have to continue I can’t stop.

I would like to also note the fact that the weather was a high of 87 degrees and the entire race felt like 97 degrees.

So as it turns out when I went down it was very first to a first aid tent. I hobbled on over to them and they tried to fix me up. In my upsetness I freaked out and had an anxiety attack because there was no way I came all this way to not finish this race. I sucked it up, calmed down, wiped the tears away, felt better, and got on a way.

I was going to walk my way to that finish and I was determined to do it in under 7 hours. (the marathon time limit).

Never would I have believed you could walk a mile in less than fifteen minutes, but I surprised myself and I walked my way through the next 11 miles. The cramps were always there but I kept them at bay. I also made a whole butt load of friends because at this point it got kind of boring and i had a race to finish, i might as well entertain myself.

At mile 18 I ran into my cousin B which waas very surprising because I almost power walked right past him because he was stooped over and I didn’t see that it was him till he said my name. He didn’t look to good so I persuaded him to keep up with me and I made him walk fast!

We took off and I took ahold of the situation. I made him keep and told them that if we stopped in any way we were not going to make it and I think he started believing it because he definitely kept up. The last few miles were the worst. It was a stupid loop around a lake that took forever and was unbearable. When we reached mile twenty-five I felt worse and worse and I really was thinking o my gosh, all many more feet is it to the finish?!?

As we turned the last bend to the finish, my sister who had been waiting for us for some time came running up and she started screaming to run run run! At this point I couldn’t stop smiling and there were tears I won’t lie as I went the last few hundred feet to the finish. One of the best times of my life. I’ve got to do it later.


And there I am with my cousin B, as my sister cheers us to victory. We might have come in over 6 hours for the finish but for me I feel sooo dang good. I’ve accomplished something only 1% of the population as the guts to do. And I did it with cramping legs and 87 degree weather.

I can’t stop reliving this day in my head as I’m back at school going through my last week of classes. Because I had such a great time, I’ll be participating in more races in the future. I’m loving the marathon!

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