What influences me you ask? Well now you will know because I’m going to start posting all of things that are awesome. Check back for routine updates.

1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Who doesn’t love it? I mean all of the racial issues, the things the gang does. Its totally the shit. I started watching the show in the second season and back then if I would have asked anyone if they knew about it they would have said no. Now everybody knows about it. If you want a good laugh, you’ll watch this show.

2. Forensic Science.


This would be my life work. This is my major and in my senior year of college, I spend almost every day analyzing scenes, learning how to collect evidence, and the reagents used to get the job done. I did not become interested in this field through CSI, in fact I’ve only seen 2 episodes. To get into the Forensics program at WVU I had to write a paper on how incorrect CSI really is, guess it worked since I did get accepted.

3. Russia


I have no idea how or why but I definitely am obsessed with Russia and am trying to learn the Russian language. I took Russian literature and language classes when I was in college and was in the Russian club at my college. It was extremely informative and I’m still plan on learning how to speak Russian and hopefully live there.

4. Video Games


What’s life without video games? Most likely sucky. I don’t play video games very often but I love them, especially halo of course. Kicking ass is fun but there are a lot of really good players out there. I own an xbox 360 and I play as often as I can. I like first person and third person shooter games, as I’m sure you can tell by some of my posts.

5. The Steelers


In case you didn’t know my blood isn’t red… its black and gold. I’m a hard core Steelers fan and I love Troy Polamalu #43! I try to catch every game and normally with beer and wings when I’m at home. Love these guys:) They never fail to disappoint and on occasion that they do they know that their fans are still backing them up 100%.

6. Burn Notice


All I needed was one day with the flu and four hours to be completely hooked on this show. I watched season 1, and 8 episodes of season 2 in ummm 3 days. Micheal Weston is the man. He’s definitely on my top ten list and it definitely has everything to do with the way he can wear a great looking suit. Fi is pretty bad ass too. There’s nothing about this show that I don’t like.

7. The Navy


After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in forensic science I’m going into the navy as an officer on the SWO side. Being in the military allows me to reach out and touch corners of the world I would otherwise never have enjoyed. ¬†Since I was younger I’ve been saying I’m going to do this and nobody believes me. That’s fine. You don’t have to believe me till it happens, which it will. & it did!!! November 20th 2009. I’m a naval officer bitches.

8. One Tree Hill


Since the beginning season of One Tree Hill six years ago when I was still in high school, I’ve been an avid fan. I love the drama and the over talks and the characters. The quotes that come from this show are so good. I love it.

9. Hard Core Republican


You must know, I am a republican and I am a very conservative person. You must also know that I will not vote for someone just because they are a republican, I don’t roll like that. I’m going to vote for the best candidate that will help this country the most. This election though, the republicans must win.

10. Books


I can’t even deny it, I love books. I love them. I love reading, I love the smell of a bookstore when I walk into it, and I love picking up a book and just knowing that its going to be good. I love all kinds of books and will try just about anything. Thank god for books.

11. Pens


My dad told me that the best sport you can watch live is hockey, and he was right. I had a huge adrenaline rush at my first game when I was younger. It was AMAZING! I love the Pens and they had a great run for the Stanley cup last year. Sooo good.

12. Skiing


So this picture is definitely not me, but can I say Skiing = life in the winter. I love it! I bought a new pair of twin tip armada ski’s last winter and now you can not keep me away from the slopes. I wish I could do crazy stunts and I am working on it but its just not happening as of yet. When it does I hope I am able to capture it on camera because that would be AMAZING and I would probably be breaking some bone in my body. haha. On a side note last year my friend and I decided to go skiing in the middle of winter in our bikini’s just to do it. And of course everyone was shocked because we had to ride all the way up the mountain on the chairlift, freezing our butts off. When we got to the top we collected about 20 guys with camera phones who followed us to the bottom. Ahh, great times.

13. Birds


This is Nell! My baby. She’s my pet dove, and I’m 100% positive she gets treated better then some people. Ever since I was young I’ve had a bird obsession. I grew up with five parakeets and one cocktail. When I was a sophomore in college I went to the pet store to buy a beta fish and came home with a pied dove (above), whom I named Nell. Everyone finds it very weird that I have a pet dove. I think its absolutely normal. She even has a hot pink harness leash that I take her outside with. And don’t forget the bling bling N on the collar. Unfortunately Nell became deceased in Dec 2010 and this is a tribute to her. I miss her bunches!

14. Swimming


In high school I swam for four years. I loved every second of it and I was a very good breast stroker, which not many people are good at. I also like to swim to relax myself. I’ve been in the water since the fifth grade, and I love to get in the water to relax.

15. Ricky Gervais

How can you not love this comedian??? I happen to be obsessed! If you don’t know anything about him all you need to know is that he started a little tv show it Britian called “The Office” and that little tv show got so big they started their own series of it here in the U.S. He does comedy tours and his accent is definately attractive and my two favorite words by him are Rubbish and Bollocks. He has three tours out right now (Animals, Polotics, and FAME) and I suggest you check them out on you tube immediately. You’ll know why this guy is the shit. He even makes nursery rhymes funny.

16. Alias

How can I not mention only the greatest show of all time??? This was my real obsession. Back in highschool, when I wasn’t required to study 24/7 this was the show of my dreams. I won’t lie, I wanted to be Sydney Bristow… Big Time. I didn’t miss an episode season 1-4. Season 5 though is when they lost me. They killed off Michael Vaughn just to have him come back in a way that is impossible and I didn’t like that. I did watch the show finale. The end of the end. Yes I own the first two seasons and yes I still watch them regulary.

17. Spicy Chicken Crunch Wrap Supreme

crunch-wrap-supremeSo here’s the thing. I was a huge anti taco bell person until my Sophmore year in college. Crazy right. Before that (and mind you I was 20 Sophmore year) I could count the number of times I’ve ever eaten at a Taco Bell on one hand. So its case race night and we have been drinking. Someone is really hungry and we can walk right down the road for food. The closest thing was Taco Bell. I was pissed but someone told me to try the spicy chicken crunch wrap supreme. I gave in and got it and I haven’t stopped going back. It is the only thing that I will order at taco bell but I could seriously eat one everyday. So good. UMM.

18. Kiawiah Island

kiwahkiwah-21My favorite most amazing vacation ever happened on this island with my best friends. There were soul trains, very fancy dinners, gala events, oodles of wine, and the best luxury vacation I could ask for. The whole week we spent enjoying the island, the birds, alligators, million dollar houses, and the beach during the day and in the night. I streaked and spent the craziest night of my life with a boy who let me forget about absolutely everything except the sand and the early morning sunrise. I will go back there in the future, but I will never forget a memory of that week that I spent on the island. It was mesmorizing, and even I, someone who isn’t big for beaches, would do it again in a second. I love Kiawah Island and I love my friends!

19. Jeffery Donovan

michael-westonI know, I’ve already put burn notice on this list but the thing is that I can’t help but give Jeffery Donovan and his hot body his own personal spot. I don’t care if Michael Weston is just a character. He’s got. it. going. ON. He’s definitely built, not overly so, but enough that it shows, he wears suits like he was born in one, and he genuinely cares about the people that he is helping. He keeps me glued to the TV. I bought burn notice season one only one day after it came out, because I was that obsessed. I can’t explain it, but he’s just hot. I don’t care how old he is, I’d bang him in a second. I don’t even need time to make a decision. yum.

20. Nashville Tenesse Rock & Roll Country Music Marathon.

country-music-marathon1This will be my first and most likely last marathon that I plan on running. I’ll tell you right now that I’m not a true runner so therefore this is probably a little harder for me then most people. The race is scheduled for April 25, 2009 in Nashville Teneessee. [THIS DEFINITELY GETS THE CHECK AND WAS COMPLETED APRIL 25, 2009]

21. Camping

campsite1For Spring break I was able to take a hiking trip in the Savage Gulf in Tennessee. I’ve always been a lover of camping and now it is so much more obsessive. I’ve grown up camping. The smell of campfires might just be one of the most amazing smells ever. I feel completely conent when I am sitting around the campire. Being able to camp and get away from life, watches, electronics, all of the above is Greaat! When I don’t have to check my watch for an entire week… I’m a happy camper.

8 thoughts on “WildCard.

  1. I may have to put that show at the top in my queue from Blockbuster, now that I’ve seen you mention it twice.

    And a Republican, eh? I was one of them once . . .

  2. That we did, that we did. Are you from the Pittsburgh area or do you just love the steelers like half of the country???

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