Yes Yes, all of the go getters have them, whatever it may be called… A Bucket List, Things to do before I die, etc. Mine has been hanging on my wall since the beginning of last year. Happily I add whatever I wish and when it gets done I cross it off and think of something else to put on there.

In the words of Yzma from the emporer’s new groove, “well he ain’t getting any deader…” so let’s get to it.

to do list

1. Tuesday Night $1 burger’s at Bar Louie (Hey I love food and having it on my to do list makes it happen.)

2. Go to OU for Halloween with Liz

3. Make it to NYC for Court’s B-day

4. Do an entire Motown Bar Crawl

5. Hit up Rock Bottom for Appetizer’s

6. Go to the WVU Pitt game November 23rd

7. Camp for a night at Blue Hole.

8. Vote for President (& not Tyra Banks)

9. Get a tour of the FBI Acedemy in Quantico & visit the Spy Museum

10. Run the Rock & Roll Country Music Marathon

11. Obtain a tour of the White House

12. Rock out at Spring Break Odessy Adventure

13. Sky Dive. Enough Said.

14. Bike from Conn. to Ohio Pyle

15. Vacation in Hawaii and become enlightened at Pearl Harbor

16. Finally complete all of the Gears of War 2 Cog Tag Achievements (I know, I know)

17. Make it through Naval OCS. & let me tell you this is not going to be easy…

18. Visit the Baltimore Aquarium

19. Get a Master’s Degree

20. Eat something crazy

21. Go to Russia

22. Live in Japan. (In Progress)

4 thoughts on “TO-DO LIST

  1. I am in the process right now of applying for OCS and I plan to be on the Oct boards. I was wondering how hard is it to get into the program? Did you apply more than once?

  2. I only applied one time. It was slightly harder for me because I have an allergy to uncooked eggs so I had to get a waiver to get in. The whole process took from September when I submitted my package to May when I found out I was accepted. I left for OCS at the end of August and was there until November. I was not rolled to another class though, I went straight through which at the time was a miracle. They have changed the entire program since I was there.

  3. I have really enjoyed your blog. My application for SWO is waiting on this July board. I sure do appreciate all the posts that you have on here.

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