f my life .com


What exactly is all the rave with this new up and coming website??? http://www.fmylife.com. Well, it happens to be an excellent time filler and one of my favorite websites to frequent for one of two reasons.

1. because when I really feel shitty about my life I got on this website and instantly start feeling better about myself.


2. because its absolutely flipping hillarious.

One downfall is that a lot of people that post on the website are still in high school and their stories are okay… but I don’t really relate to them.

Another thing is that I feel like some of the stories are fabricated but even just the thought that could have happened to someone instantly makes me feel better about myself.

So in the end, its a great in between class kind of site if you’re at the library and you really don’t have work (like me) and its an instant self confidence booster because nobody wants to fly half way across the world to meet up with their boyfriend only to have them break up with you during text messages when you arrive at the airport. wow. Talk about shitty.

Feeling like you’re in one of those moods?

Check it out. The website again is http://www.fmylife.com

Confessions of a Writer<3

One thought on “f my life .com

  1. Haha…that’s awesome. You should also try passiveaggressivenotes.com too if you haven’t. It’s pretty hilarious and I am pretty sure those are real.

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