Blog Banter-Move Over Hott Boy, I Want to Play.

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TOPIC: Gaming with your Significant Other.

Well to be truthful I’ve actually never had a serious relationship. Basically, I’m a single senior right now (in college), and dating is yeah, well fun, but at this point in my life I’m focusing on my career first, and hott boys second.

Anyway I’m going to talk about playing with a boy I find extremely attractive, and a few tips I would want my boyfriend to do if he was playing with me.

A few things about me:

1. I really like first person/third person shooter games.

2. Halo and Gears of War are my two favorite right now. 360 Represent!

3. I’m a terribly sore loser. Can’t help it. :-X

When I get the opportunity to play video games with  hott boys I never hesitate. I always jump right in because even if I do suck, I’m definitely way better than all of the other girls he’s seen play, which are most likely limited to 1 or 2. This automatically gives any gamer girl a huge one up. O yeah. If he asks me what kind of game I would like to play I always use it to my advantage. Never pass that up. There’s obviously some games that you obsess over  (halo) and if given the opportunity you want to be able to use all of your skills to the max. So you pick. [If he doesn’t have halo this is the point where you thank him for his time and his hott body and you make a quick exit.] haha. Just playing, if he doesn’t have one of the games you are the best at, then let him pick.

Now when you play, just tear it up. It doesn’t get any better than that, playing your favorite games with hott boys. But, for some reason I am such a sucker for this and I can’t explain it at all. When gaming, if I am in deep shit, which is usually always the case, I really like to see a little effort from hott guy to save my ass so that it doesn’t get incinerated. Although I am extremely bad ass alone, having a little help from hott guys virtual character while I sit next to hott guy on the couch, is well… exciting. and hott.

When I do play games I am a sore loser, but really only with the video games I think I should be good at and only if I’ve been playing for long periods of time. If its really not my day, then shit. On video games I’m learning I always stay positive and I make jokes all the time about how ridiculous I’m being and how sucky I am. I don’t care. I think guys like that because they don’t want to play games with someone who’s going to be uptight and a ticking time bomb if you make a joke about them. Inside, deep down, far into my soul, I am a terribly pathetic sore loser, but… you would never know. I can even bow out graciously and admit when I just am not good enough. Since I am able to do this, any boy, whether it be my boyfriend, hott guy, or friends, better be able to do the same thing.

Sore loser’s just look bad. Keep your composure. One of the worst ideas is to play video games with your significant other if you two are both extremely competitive people. Don’t forget that someone always has to loose and that loser will most likely seek satisfaction in getting revenge back in the real world. I’m going to tell you right now if I was playing with my boyfriend and he totally obliterated me, showed no mercy, and pissed me off, the first thing I would revoke is sex. Next, most likely his second favorite thing and so on. So don’t test me. ha.

There’s a very specific medium when you play video games with people you have a special attachment to. Just don’t cross over that line and all is well. Cross over it and pay dearly away from the video games, because they will make you pay in something they are much better at. Guaranteed.



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7 thoughts on “Blog Banter-Move Over Hott Boy, I Want to Play.

  1. I think gamers as a rule are competitive people. Games are all about winning, it’s just the nature of gaming in general. So you are right, get two gamers together (whether they are coupled or not) and someone is bound to be bummed about losing. It’s funny, I was just at Mizzy’s blog and she mentioned she is a sore loser as well. I am too! We all have something in common! 🙂

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