Left 4 Dead. So Sweet.


Yesterday night was my first time playing left 4 dead and it was Totally Awesome! As someone who is quite jumpy and screams uncontrollably at scary things, I was freaked out the whole game. What I really like about it is the fact that you are a round as a human and then you are a round as a zombie. Obviously the zombies are super easy to kill so during that round you spend most of your time respawing but it is still really neat to strategize and try to get those humans.

The zombie I enjoyed/hated the most was the smoker, AKA tongue guy. He always seemed to get me and it was terrible. This zombie has an extremely long tongue and when you become him you put your tongue on a human target and then the tongue flicks out and it will pull one of the humans away from the group. Its really really good if you can get a straggler because then when you pull them away the others can’t help them and they will die. It is very effective especially if you stand at the top of a building to do it because then its harder for them to shoot you and you can pick off the humans if they get too close to the side.

I spent like four hours playing this game last night and it really did wet my zombie appetite. Sweet.

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2 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead. So Sweet.

  1. I know right. I literally just got done playing a game of that right now. There were four of us playing together and we ownd their asses. it was so totally awesome. ha.

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