Tomorrow is the PT test :-X

Yes… I most definitely passed my physical for the navy! WOO! but now I have to pass the PT test which is running a mile and a half in so much time, doing so many push ups, and completeing so many situps. I can’t believe how far I’ve come. eeeekkk! Right now the only thing left is passing that and then finishing my navy essay. After that is complete, then I’m good to go and I will apply for the naval officer intelligence community. crazy.

Confessions of a Writer<3

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the PT test :-X

  1. My boyfriend just re-enlisted for the National Guard. He did physical training about nine years ago. I think I would love to try something like that, but he won’t let me. =(

    Good luck!!

  2. Thank-you very much. The good thing about my situation is that I am not in a serious relationship so I can make my own decisions. It is good that he is concerned and if he’s already in a branch of the military then one person of two is enough.

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