Top Ten Vampires Characters.

10. Josh Hartnett as Sheriff Eben Oleson in 30 Days of Night


So I’ve decided to make Interview with a Vampire an honorable mention and change my number ten to 30 days of night because I actually saw this one and was completely freaked out at parts. Josh Hartnett (Mr. Thing) plays a sheriff in one of the smallest towns ever. A town in Alaska where for 30 days out of the year, there is complete darkness. Because of this, a pack of vampires decides to pray on the town and kill and feed on all of the inhabitants. They are smart and they love to play games. Granted Josh Hartnett spends about one day as a vampire, because after the turn he knows he doesn’t want to hurt the people he loves so he opts for the old wait for the sun to come up and disintegrate into ash trick. One thing I will say though, the turnees [yes, totally made that word up, but I like it] definitely reminded me more of zombies than vampires. Odd.

9. Stuart Townsend as Lestat De Lioncourt in Queen of the Damned


I have also not seen or read The Queen of the damned, but I have heard ALOT about it and some of my friends in ceramics class back in the high school days brought it up all the time and even made some art work in dedication to it. This is the third series to Anne Rice’s Novels, The Vamire Chronicles and this stars Lastat the vampire who actually turned Louis (Number 10 on the list. Right above Number nine) into a vampire. Apparently he is awoken after many years of slumber by a rock band that he then becomes the singer of. Odd. In this film Lestat participates in quite a few shanannigan’s, but hey, when you are a very powerful vampire, how can you resist?

8. Richard Roxburgh as Count Vladislaus Dracula in Van Helsing


Count Vladislaus Dracula is a total manwhore vampire who has three different wives. His one quest is to reproduce and keep alive all of his little vampire freak children. To do this he must obtain a Frankenstein and use his power to keep them alive. In the end, like every evil villian with a death wish for the world, he does not succeed. Alot of people hated Van Helsing. The reviews were mediocore at best. I will stand by it and I thouroughly enjoyed the movie. This is why my vampire friend Count Vladislaud Dracula made the list.

7. Bill Nighy as Viktor in Underworld


Now Viktor is the big Shabang. He exchanged his military expertise in killing off the Lycan  for immortality as a vampire general. Now he is a vampire elder and he is in hibernation and is not to be awoken for another 100 years. (So you can imagine how serious this vampire is, and how powerful). Selene, in her need for help believes that only Viktor can save Michael and her from all of the corruption and awakens him early with her own blood. Let me tell you, this vampire looks gross and I’m sure he smelled rank. One big powerful feirce vampire that would suck every drop of blood right from your body in a single heartbeat. I wouldn’t want to mess with him.

6.Sarah Michelle Geller In Buffey the Vampire Slayer Duh.


Yes Yes, I know what you all are thinking. [How can Buffey be on this list when she’s really not a vampire?!?!] Well blah blah. First of all, this is my list and I can put whoever I want on it and Second of all, I used her to represent all of the vampires in the series that she has killed. Although I have never been a fan of the Buffey series I know a lot of people are and its a shame  not to include this series since it is the first great and memorable vampire series. So all of you Buffey the Vampire Slayer Obsessed fans, this is a shout out to you.

5. Salma Hayek as Santanico Pandemonium in From Dusk till Dawn


From Dusk Till Dawn. Great Movie. Definitely trumps dawn of the dead and all of those corney zombie movies. When I first saw this movie I loved it and it is still great even today. The women seductress’s did their job quite well. They kept the attention of the men until feeding time. That was until George Clooney got a hold of them. One of the best lines is when he is shaking the priest and he says “Are you a faithless preacher or are you a mean mother fucking servant of God.” I got the chills when he said that, and I knew instantly where it was from when it turned up in a song by Through the Eyes of the Dead.

4. Wesley Snipes as Blade


Blade. Saver of people and half vampire half human. Super human. He takes shots of blood to quench the thirst and he preys on vampires as he tries to do human kind some good. The three part series is a must see for any vampire fanatic. Love it. He even has a guy that makes him all of this cool gadgets that he can use to kill vampires effiently and effectively. He’s super cool.

3. Keifer Sutherland as David in The Lost Boys


The Lost boys. A very old movie that has become iconic to vampire movies. When I first saw this movie, I was shocked how bad the vampires were. How creepy.  I loved their lost boys type cave and the havoc they caused moving from town to town. In the end the vampire leader turned out to be the man dating Michael and Sams mom. Huge creaper, who even ate garlic without flinching. In the end the old stake in the heart did him it. Terrible shame he went that way considering that its the most unappealing way to die of all the possiblities. P.S. Doesn’t Keifer Sutherland look exactly the same now as when he made this movie? Maybe he is a vampire…. hmmm…

2. Kate Beckinsdale as Selene in Underworld


Love her, and Love Underwold and Underworld Evolution. Kate Bechinsdale plays a very becoming vampire who refuses to give in to the corrupt leaders that are in charge of her race (Kraven). After following Michael around and shadowing his every move, Lucian the man in charge of the Lycans attacks him. Because she is emotionally attached she saves him and together she and Michael, a half vampire half lycan (werewolf) team up on a quest for the truth. A very very good vampire tale.

1. Edward Cullen From Twilight


I’m not giving the credit to Robert Pattison whom plays Edward Cullens in Twilight (Like you didn’t know this). Edward Cullen himself holds the number one spot on the list. The Edward Cullen I knew before all of the tween freaks got involved and hyped up the movie and the book freakishly. Edward Cullen, a couple century year old vampire boy that falls in love with a seventeen year old tom boyish girl is the vampire who takes number one on this list. He can not resist bella because her blood sings to him. Everyone I know wants to find themselves an Edward Cullen. The fact that he must suck blood to survive is just a minor issue. And it is very minor indeed.

22 thoughts on “Top Ten Vampires Characters.

  1. Kate Beckinsale is badass. She could suck my neck any day . . .

    30 Days of Night . . . were those guys vampires? If so, they weren’t too bad either . . .

  2. You know what you are right… and I went to see that movie at midnight. It totally slipped my mind. There’s just too many vampire movies to take into consideration. With your suggestion, my number 10 has just changed. Thanks.

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  4. Hmmm hahaha cullen?? that shit killed the vampire image!!!

    and what about Tom cruise in interview with the vampire? he has awesome

    SLMA HAYEK? she is very hot but not as a vampire…

  5. Yes I suppose I did look over Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire. That is a very good call and he probably should be somewhere on this list. Maybe he will make it on the Top Ten Vampires 2…!

  6. first off sarah michelle gellar was NEVER a vampire in any episode of buffy and as far as im concerned twilight wasnt a very good movie at all let alone a good vampire movie but thats just my opinion

  7. There’s nothing like reading a list made up by someone with no real knowledge – or appreciation – of the subject. The Lost Boys is a “very old movie”? That was 1987, not, say 1931 when BELA LUGOSI set the complete canon of modern vampires, or 1922 with Max Schreck. None of the rest of the movies or TV shows would exist were it not for these two. What next? Top Ten rock and roll groups, starring The Jonas Brothers? And by the way: spellcheck will help you with the obvious problems shown with diction, spelling, etc…..

  8. I can admit to having made the list in a very fast and short amount of time not going into full detail about everything. I mean its your opinion and I know that not everyone will like my work. That being said your critisim was presented in a very construtive way and it so I will allow it to stand.

    But one more thing… If you don’t like my shit then don’t read it, its as simple is that.

  9. I think Gary Oldman was a very creepy vampire!! Matter fact, his Dracula was true to the original Bram Stoker Dracula.

  10. He KNOWS Buffy wasn’t a vampire. Can’t you people read? Its a representation of an influential vampire themed show. Also, Twilight is very in-line with the vampire image. Ignoring the clever little retorts about sparkling, which has no bearing on anything, vampires have been stealing under appreciated, quirky smart women away from mortal losers since Dracula took Minas heart in his eponymous book. Edward is the very model example of vampires until Hollywood tried to make them into monsters in cheap suits and lipstick. In the original stories they always looked like handsome men and women, and were never bothered by sunlight, or attracted to capes. Twilight just takes us back to the real vampire stories like “Dracula”, “Carmilla”, and “the Vampyre”. Heres to going back to adult literature and leaving Fangoria behind us.
    I think Gary Oldman should have been on this list. Otherwise its perfect. I guess maybe “Blade” could be left out. I never liked that. I loved Queen of the Damned, but Interview was silly. Brad Pitt just isn’t much of an actor, and all that angst annoyed me.

  11. Oh, and to the complainer above, “The Lost Boys” is a great film, and it is fairly old. Its been 23 years! The vampire movies we see today are far more influenced by the Lost Boys image of the romantic, mysterious bad boy played by Kiefer Southerland, or even the neighborly vampire played by Ed Hermann, then they are by the hideous monsterous vision of the walking corpse in Nosferatu. Those early movies did not rely on intricate plots, or on relatable acting. They were solely about shock value, and that sells the vampire short. If you just want some hideous thing with fangs and claws, theres lots of monsters that fit the bill. The vampires make for great fun, is because they are humans underneath it all. So “Spirit”, I think this list shows discriminating taste, and a great understanding of the subject. So there.

  12. Martine, I love your comments. Because you took my side and can see that the asshole above has no real basis in anything, I can’t agree more.

    Vampires are vampires. We’ll be obsessed with them our whole lives, just waiting for the day when one actually appears. haha. Well okay they might not be coming any time soon, but at least we can love the magic that surrounds them.

  13. The head Lycan in Underworld was Lucian, not ‘Lucifer’ (although Lucian was played by the devilish Michael Sheen, a friend of mine who does an even better Nero).

    I didn’t mind your list at all, except for the rather extreme placement of Twilight. Twilight makes top of the list if the only basis for comparison is “making money off teeny-boppers”. At that point, perhaps Harry Potter should’ve been included on the list. There’s some pretty scary monsters and plenty of adults pretending to be teenagers in Harry P. too. This movie is why my 13 year old niece wants to date guys in their 20s. Yeah, this was an okay list overall, but Twilight is nothing more than an adolescent wet-dream, a pop-culture moment and nothing more, and in time will be shown to be out of place on this list.

  14. So here’s the thing. I have to say that your thought process on twilight being #1 is close to what most people think. In fact, I even think that way these days. I’ve completely gone underground with my liking for twilight since it had its drastic breakout.

    Had I known it was going to be this bad I might have changed my mind on its position in the number 1 slot BUT as much as I hate the light it has taken, I will never be able to explain to you the way I felt when I read those books.

    Call me crazy but I went through a lot of emotions when reading them. That’s a big contribution why its rated number one. [I read the first 3 before everyone went bad, it was a completely different mindset back then.]

    Okay I’m done ranting.

    && Thanks for the catch on Lucian. Do you really know him, or am I just being gullible. haha.

  15. i think i good
    twilight the best, number 1
    love edwuard cullen and o love interview with a vampire too they are the best
    but a prefer twilight!!! 🙂

  16. Twilight is terrible I wouldn’t have put it in the number one spot. Personally I think either Queen of the Damned or Lost Boys should have been as there really awesome vampires in them.

  17. First of all the best vampire is Alucard from Hellsing, secondly Edward Cullen should not be on this list let alone number one. Twilight is the worst kind of vampire film. The vampires are not even real vampires they are more like sparkly fairies.

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