Turkey Trot Woot Woot!

turkey-trotI’m in it to win it haha. According to the picture above this is for the EMU’s 37th turkey trot. Well, I got it offline and so that is not where I will be running the turkey trot but same difference. Just wanted to clarify. So I’m trying to rally the masses. I want to say that the turkey trot from my town is on its 26th year and this is the fifth year that I have run it with all of my friends. Last year our numbers were lacking and this year I want to bring it back.

To ralley the masses, I have personally messaged all of the girls and demanded that they run/walk/skip whatever as long as they come out on Thanksgiving day and particiapte. I’m starting the ball rolling. My two cousins will be in town as well and they will be running it with us. I’m really not sure how much running is actually going to be happening considering that it might be a tid bit nibbly and my throat will most definitely burn and want me to stop. It’s happened before and I’m sure it will happen again, no biggie.

On a lighter note I finished the ASTB officer training school test for the Navy today and was happy to have that out of the way. Just have to wait for the results now.

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