Bar Fights are Embarassing

SO for the first time ever, I got kicked out of a bar, which I’m pissed about. I never thought I would be involved in a bar, but apparently its not something you can predict. My friend and I decided we would go out on Thursday night and have some fun, because we can, so we did.

There weren’t many people at the bar we went too because it was Thursday and WVU lost the game in overtime because Pat McCaffey missed the field goal. So we’re just chilling having some beers and G my friend, sees this boy that she knows and he’s with a group of people. We joing thier group and start hanging out with them. They’re all pretty good looking and it was fun.

Soo I’m standing their talking to this one guy when I turn and I see G put up her hands and tell one of the guys we were with to forget about it let’s just go over there. Immediately I’m like ut-oh, not good. And from around G this [Very Ugly] boy pulls back his hand and punches the guy we are with. He immediately grabs G and goes to move her out of the way but couldn’t get her out of the way fast enough and ugly boy punches again, catching her right in the stomach. My jaw dropped and I stepped forward grabbing for her, but missed.

In literally seconds, it became a six on six fight between our guys and ugly boys guys. It was pretty obnoxious and in the whole clutter of everything I lose G and am standing there watching it play out. Minutes later she calls me and says that she got kicked out with three of the boys and they are standing outside waiting for me and the 2 other boys that made up our group. Ridic.

We finsih our drinks [because who can just throw a beer away?] and walk outside looking for them. They are standing at the end of the street making plans to continue the fight. What a BAD IDEA. Is that serious? I would never do that, I hate fighting. G is laughing because she was caught in the middle and we laugh about it together as we start walking back down the street and past the bar we just got kicked out of.

They stop and are looking around to see if they can find ugly guy and his friends but apparently I was the only one to notice the six policemen that were eyeing us up as we waited. Then, the cupid shuffle starts playing and I’m pissed because I like that song and I want to dance. Seriously, I’m just trying to PartAy. So to break the tension I start doing the cupid shuffle out on the street and G joins in with me.

The boys are still stewing but we got them to walk away. The policemen follow us all the way down the road. wow. Never thought that would happen, but it definately did.

Confessions of a Writer<3

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